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Family Twist is licensed by Atout France

Atout France is the sole French state operator in the tourism industry. It is the authority which is responsible for giving travel agencies or tour-operators permission to exercise, if they can prove their ability. In order to do so, the companies need to provide 3 types of evidence that guarantee the safety of travellers and their money:

  • Evidence of knowhow,  through experience in the industry;
  • Specific insurance, to cover the different risks incurred during the trip at the responsibility of the organiser;
  • A financial warranty, of at least 100 000 Euros, to protect the travellers whilst they are abroad against insolvency, if repatriation is necessary.

Family Twist is registered at Atout France under the number IM069120001.



Family Twist is a member of Paris Convention and visitors bureau

We committed to reach the highest level of quality with our service.

To find more information about Paris Convention and visitors bureau, click here.



Family Twist was selected as part of the Bourse aux Opportunités 2012, by the Comité Bougainville.

The Comité Bougainville is a French network which brings entrepreneurs and investors in the tourism industry together. It was founded and led by authorities on transportation, tour-operating and accommodation, and it aims to establish an expert point of view and help create new businesses in the industry.

Each year, with the support of AtoutFrance, the Comité Bougainville selects 40 members, from among companies at different stages of development, to be part of its “incubator”, called “Bourse aux Opportunités”. Within this programme, the companies receive support, experience and networking from the experts.

In 2012, Family Twist is very proud to be part of those.