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7 Best Family-Friendly Heated Patios in Paris

1 February 2017 Activities & Destinations, Tips & Tricks 0 Comments


There is nothing better than to sit outside while having a coffee, lunch or dinner during your family vacation in Paris. Of course, that is true for the warm months of summer, but believe it or not, it is also possible in the dead of winter: almost all the restaurants and cafés have outdoor heaters.

But just like any restaurant, there are a few great ones and a lot of ordinary ones (not that they are bad, they are simply too ordinary and dull).

Our local expert, who knows Paris like the back of his hand, has selected his most favorite heated patios in the city. The food and drinks are excellent, the ambiance is cozy, the staff is friendly, the kids are welcome and… it’s the best place to sit outside during the cold days of winter. The kind of place you almost forget that it can be freezing once you leave proximity of the outdoor heaters.

An old train station turned into a classy bar and restaurant, a patio on the top of the modern Centre Georges Pompidou, a winter garden in the middle of Paris… read on and see what you can expect!

Here are the 7 best family-friendly heated patios in Paris.

Sit back and relax… outside! You might even want to read more great tips on how to make the most of your family holiday in Paris on one of these pleasant heated patios!


La Gare – A heated patio in an old train station

La Gare

La gare literally means “the station”. The reason why the owners chose this name for a fancy restaurant in the 16th arrondissement is because it was once a small train station.  Now, it is a huge, trendy bar and restaurant with vintage furniture giving it a charming colonial touch. Behind the café area is where you will find the heated patio. This is the kind of place that makes you feel you have left Paris. With many heaters and warm fleece plaids at your disposal, you will love every second you spend here. A place you should not miss after a visit to the beautiful Musée Marmottan-Monet or after some shopping in Rue de Passy!

  • Address: 19 Chaussée de la Muette, 75016
  • Nearest metro station: Line 9 – La Muette, RER C – Boulainvillers
  • Price: Approximately €35 per person
  • Opening Hours: Open every day from Noon to 2AM (lunch served from 12PM to 2PM and dinner from 7PM to 11:30PM)
  • Website: http://www.restaurantlagare.com/


La Brasserie Auteuil – A secret rooftop with a taste of paradise

Brasserie Auteuil


In this beautiful venue located at Porte d’Auteuil (in the far south western side of Paris), a team of very friendly waiters will kindly welcome you to La Brasserie Auteuil. Foodwise, the chef gets his inspiration from Italy, serving simple and well balanced Italian food. And to get to paradise, you’ll have to climb up to the second floor to reach the secret rooftop heated patio. In the middle of winter, you will still be able to drink delicious cocktails while sitting down in comfortable chairs, with a fleece plaid over your legs.

  • Address: 78 rue d’Auteuil, 75016
  • Nearest metro station: Lines 9 & 10 – Porte d’Auteuil, Line 9 – Michel-Ange Auteuil
  • Price: Approximately €35 per person
  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 8AM to 2AM
  • Website: http://www.auteuil-brasserie.com/en/


Assaggio  – Delicious Italian cuisine on a heated patio



Assaggio is a hidden gem in the heart of Paris. First, you will have to find the Castille Hotel, a luxury hotel in Paris’ 1st arrondissement. Once you are there, look for Assaggio. If you are looking for one of the best Italian restaurants in the neighborhood, you are at the right place. The food is delicious, but the heated patio is also a great reason to come here. With a magnificent décor including a roman fountain and trompe-l’oeil on the walls, you will feel transported to the warmth of southern Italy at the times of the Dolce Vita. But if you are not in the mood for a meal, you can always enjoy a coffee or a drink here. Great food, friendly service, a charming heated patio… what more would you want when spending a family holiday in Paris in the winter?

  • Address: 37 rue Cambon, 75001
  • Nearest metro station: Lines 12 & 14 – Madeleine, Lines 1, 8 & 12 – Concorde
  • Price: Approximately €45 per person
  • Opening Hours: Open from Monday to Saturday from 7AM to 11PM
  • Website: http://www.castille.com/en/


Les Climats – A beautiful “Jardin d’hiver” for the whole family


Les climats (“the climates”) is a Michelin starred restaurant in the chic 7th arrondissement. Needless to say that the dishes here are exquisite and elaborate. The aesthetics are of great importance here as each dish is served in its own specific plate! At the back of the restaurant, you will find 2 patios: the winter garden (jardin d’hiver) with its beautiful glass canopy overlooks a charming garden where you will be able to sit down and enjoy lunch. The garden is not heated, but the canopy is, and it’s well worth spending some time there in winter to savor exceptional wines or even the finest whiskies.

  • Address: 41 rue de Lille, 75007
  • Nearest metro station: Lines 12 – Solférino or Rue du Bac
  • Price: Approximately €75 per person
  • Opening Hours: Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12:15PM to 2:30PM and from 7PM to 10PM. Closed on Sunday and Monday.
  • Website: http://lesclimats.fr


Hotel Amour – A romantic patio and so much more


It would not be possible to talk about the best family-friendly heated patios in Paris without mentioning Hotel Amour (and the sister property Hotel Grand Amour). L’Hotel Amour was founded by the Costes brothers, a reference in luxury and trendy hotels and restaurants. Both properties have the same concept: a charming hotel with vintage decoration, a small restaurant service fine French food… But what makes Hotel Amour and Hotel Grand Amour so special is the inner courtyard transformed into a real secret garden where people of all kinds gather and mingle. A great place to see and be seen, in a very nice, green heated patio.

  • Address: 8 rue de Navarin, 75009
  • Nearest metro station: Line 12 – Saint-Georges, Pigalle
  • Price: Approximately €40 per person
  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 8AM to 11:30PM
  • Website: http://www.hotelamourparis.fr/


Le Georges – On the top of Beaubourg

Le Georges


Welcome to the rooftop restaurant and bar of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris’ most famous modern art museum. From the top of this unusual and modern building, the view is great. Of course, the food here is great: classic, mouthwatering French dishes in a brasserie style. But the main reason why you should come here with your children is for the patio and the view. So after having admired the works of artists such as Picasso, Matisse or Dali, Le Georges is a great place to take a break, relax, and keep warm while outside.

  • Address: Centre Georges Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou, 75004
  • Nearest Metro Station: Line 1,11 – Hotel de Ville, Line 11 – Rambuteau
  • Price: Approximately €45 per person
  • Opening Hours: Open every day from noon to midnight.
  • Website: http://restaurantgeorgesparis.com/


Eugène Eugène – A patio and a lush garden

Eugène Eugène


This piece of paradise is located slightly outside Paris, in a suburban town called Puteaux, just a stone’s throw away from La Defense (the business center of the reason, with many skyscrapers). The food here is excellent, as the French come here to rediscover the recipes of when they were young. While the inside is charming and welcoming, most of the people come here for Eugène Eugène’s patio, which is heated in winter. Classic bistro tables and comfortable rattan chairs are surrounded by all kinds of plants, from sage and rosemary to seasonal vegetables. A taste of the authentic countryside in the heart of the city.

  • Address: 38 rue Eugène Eichenberger, 92800
  • Nearest metro station: Tram T2 – Gare de Puteaux
  • Price: Approximately €35 per person
  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 11AM to 1AM. Sundays open until 6PM
  • Website: http://www.eugene-eugene.fr/

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