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A Parisian festive week

February 12: Mardi Gras

A special treat for children                                                                 

“Mardi Gras” was celebrated last Tuesday according to a Catholic tradition which steps back to the Middle Ages.

Mardi Gras (literary “Fat Tuesday”) refers to the day before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins. Traditionally, families had a very indulgent meal before entering in the fasting period leading up to Easter. The word “Carnival” roots from the latin (meaning without meat). Crepes and pancakes became a popular meal to finish up all the “fat” left overs – included eggs and butter which could not be eaten during Lent. Mardi Gras was thus a day of unlimited fun and celebration before austerity.

Some Schools organise special parties and allow children to dress up, wear masks and parade in the neighborhood streets. Candies, confettis and songs are all welcome !

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 February 14: Valentine’s Day                        

The Romantic City could not but celebrate Love on this very special day. This year, lovers’ messages to their special someone could be read all over Paris. The 180 best messages – selected by the Mairie de Paris could be scrolled across the 170 city display panels.

 February 17: Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year (Year of the Water Snake) was also celebrated this Sunday. The annual event was organised by the Asiatic community of Paris and the colorful Parade gathered around 1300 people dressed with traditional costumes. Decoration, Music and joy prevailed  in the  13th Arrondissement.


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