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Become a knight or a lady in the Loire Valley

Learn how to fence

Experience this age-old discipline in a safe environment with a personal fencing master at a 16th-century château. Your teacher will tell you many of the secrets you need to excel at this sport – or should we say art?

Find the treasure hidden in a modern art garden

When you arrive in a family-owned castle, you will be dressing up in authentic costumes, enjoying the visit to the 18 fairytale gardens in a different way. But what would playing knights and damsels be without the chance to master the art of ancient handwriting: calligraphy. Fortunately an introduction to this is also planned!

Travel on a boat to conquer new territories

Let your family discover the last truly wild river in France aboard a traditional wooden boat. You will even learn how to fish, and you’ll get the opportunity to try your chances and drop in a line.

Learn how to cook to seduce your princess

You’ll get an introduction to chocolate making, and embark on a discovery of the gastronomic delights of the region as part of your training programme. It will finish up with a delicious meal of local specialities that you’ll be cooking first.

And of course you can learn everything about how these châteaux were built, and all their myths and legends, by visiting the area’s masterpieces with your own guide…

At Family Twist, we are uniquely dedicated to providing parents and their children with fun, luxurious and hassle-free breaks in Paris, London and the Loire Valley. Build your trip now!