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12 Best Chocolate Stores in Paris

9 November 2016 Luxury, Tips & Tricks 0 Comments

  In Paris, you will find some of the best chocolate stores in the world. But one question remains: what are the best chocolate stores in Paris? What was once considered a gift of the God of Wisdom in the ancient Aztec civilization and unknown to European citizens until the 16th century, is now something […]

Can Luxury Family Vacations Really Be Luxury Vacations?

7 September 2016 Luxury 0 Comments

Luxury family vacations… can it be a reality or is it just another marketing hoax? When I think about luxury vacations, I think of this: A quiet, peaceful time off work, when you do what you want, when you want, in comfort and style. But adding the word “family” in between the words “luxury” and […]

10 Best Luxury Shops For Kids In Paris And London

17 February 2016 Luxury 0 Comments

  When it comes to shopping in Europe, there is just no beating Paris and London. There are so many things to buy there that it would be difficult to tell you where to start! Be if fashion, local delicacies or simple souvenirs, there is no way you’ll leave empty handed when traveling to Paris […]