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Meet Eve, a Family Twist Guide in London

21 June 2016 Meet & Greet 0 Comments

  What makes Family Twist so special for families traveling to London with kids? The cultural tours with the entertaining game booklets for the children: yes, but that’s not all! The high level of service: of course, but there’s still the most important ingredient missing… The experience in handling families: close, but no cigar! All […]

Meet Alessandra, a Family Twist Guide in Rome

15 March 2016 Meet & Greet 0 Comments

For quite a lot of people, Rome might be a little disorientating. Although the city center is not very big, there is a maze of many small cobble-stone streets and it’s pretty easy to get lost. There is another thing about Rome that makes this city so special: its history. Everyone knows what the Colosseum […]

Meet Katia, a Family Twist Guide in Paris

5 January 2016 Meet & Greet 2 Comments

Handling a travelling family is no piece of cake. Let’s face it: you have to know how to entertain both parents and children alike, and believe me, that’s not an easy job! Try keeping the attention of a 6 year old in a fine arts museum for a couple of hours on for size…   […]