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12 Best Chocolate Stores in Paris

9 November 2016 Luxury, Tips & Tricks 0 Comments

  In Paris, you will find some of the best chocolate stores in the world. But one question remains: what are the best chocolate stores in Paris? What was once considered a gift of the God of Wisdom in the ancient Aztec civilization and unknown to European citizens until the 16th century, is now something […]

12 Tips For A Hassle-Free Holiday With Kids

28 September 2016 Tips & Tricks 0 Comments

  Going on a holiday with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare! A lot of parents still think that having the kids in tow while exploring the riches of Paris, London or Rome is just too much of a burden. They are wrong! With a bit of common sense, preparation and by following certain […]

12 Great Annual Events in Paris With Kids

24 August 2016 Tips & Tricks

  There are many annual events taking place in Paris. In a city with so much culture, art and history, having that many annual events doesn’t come as a surprise. But when you are with your kids in Paris, the same question always comes to mind: is this a family-friendly event or not? Of course, […]

Where to get the Best Gelato in Rome

26 July 2016 Tips & Tricks 0 Comments

  What is better than a nice Italian gelato in Rome on a hot summer day ? Here’s a straightforward answer: nothing! When in Rome with kids, there are some things that you just can’t miss. The Colosseum, the Vatican and the Trevi Fountain are just some of the cultural highlights that have to be […]

The 9 Best Kid-Friendly Afternoon Teas in London

26 April 2016 Tips & Tricks

  (updated on September 30, 2016) There is nothing more British than the Afternoon Tea. Anyone that spends a family vacation in London should at least experience this once. Traditionally, the afternoon tea is a light meal eaten between 4pm and 6pm. This custom was first introduced by the wealthy classes in England in the […]

How NOT to Visit the Louvre With Kids

5 April 2016 Tips & Tricks 0 Comments

    Ask any Parisian parent why they never go visit the Louvre Museum with their children and they will all give you the same three reasons: It’s way too big (there are over 30,000 works of art displayed on 60,600 m². So if you spend the whole 9 open hours inside, you’ll have less […]