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How To Spend The Best New Year’s Eve In Rome With Kids (2016-2017)

29 December 2016 Activities & Destinations, Holiday Treats, Tips & Tricks 0 Comments


Just like many European capitals, December 31 is a normal day in terms of museum and attraction openings in Rome. Although closing times might be a little sooner than regular days, this means that all the family-friendly activities available in Rome are there so that you and your children can spend a great New Year’s Eve during the daytime.

What happens in the evening is what makes spending New Year’s Eve (Capodanno) in Rome so special. Once the sun sets, there are hundreds of lively celebrations and parties that last all night. Needless to say that the relatively mild winter temperatures make Rome a perfect place to stay outside and walk around through its narrow streets. The excellent festive ambiance is especially tangible around the old piazzas and churches.

And waiting for the fireworks on Pizza del Popolo (not too far from the Spanish Steps) or at the foot of the Colosseum is a lot more “enjoyable” than the freezing feet you will get in London or other cities of Northern Europe!

In other words, the problem with New Year’s Eve in Rome is not finding something to do, it’s narrowing down the celebration options.

In order for you to spend the best New Year’s Eve in Rome with kids, we have compiled information that will very likely be useful. No bad surprises, only fun times creating unforgettable moments with your family in Rome.


Daytime activities on New Year’s Eve in Rome with Kids

December 31st is just another day when it comes to monuments and museums in Rome. You will therefore be able to visit places such as the Colosseum, the Vatican or the Villa Borghese without having to worry about them being closed.

In order to have the best time and make the most of these cultural visits, I suggest to book a family friendly tour. After all, you don’t really want your children to ruin your visit at the Colosseum just because they are bored and no one is keeping them engaged and entertained!

Here are some of the cultural tours that Family Twist offers that will bring a smile to everyone’s faces.


The Colosseum and Ancient Rome

Mother and Daughter at the Colosseum

Relive the glorious years of the Roman Empire some 2000 years ago, and discover what used to be the biggest and most prestigious arena in the world: the Colosseum of Rome. The fully licensed private guide will tell you all about the monument and the kind of “games” and events that would take place here. The stories of the mighty gladiators or the naval battles that took place there will fascinate the children. You will then be accompanied into the Roman Forum for more exciting historical fun facts.

More on our Colosseum and Ancient Rome tour here.


The Vatican

There is something fascinating about visiting the smallest country in the world. This cultural private tour will take you to the Vatican’s main highlights, including the Pope-mobile, the Marble Heroes in the Candelabra Gallery and, of course the Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s Basilica. Our expert and fully licensed guide, with the help of our entertaining game booklets, will keep the young ones excited and intrigued.

More on our Exploring the Vatican tour here.


Villa Borghese

The Borghese Gallery is a hidden gem that appeals to a child’s curiosity in wonderful ways. Our tour will take you through the impressive and beautiful collection of this small beautiful museum and introduce you to Roman mythology. Our fully licensed guide and game booklets will turn this visit into an unforgettable moment for each member of your family.

More on our Mysteries of Roman Mythology tour in the Borghese Gallery here.


Castel Sant’Angelo

castel sant angelo in Rome

Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the landmarks or Rome, and this 2000 year old monument has got some interesting tales to tell. This former mausoleum became a fortress used by the Popes, a prison and is now a small museum dedicated to the monument. It was even mentioned in Dan Brown’s best-selling novel Angels & Demons. A visit that you and your children will love.

More on our Castel Sant’Angelo tour here.


For more family friendly cultural tours and fun-filled hands-on workshops in Rome, discover our Family Friendly Activities in Rome page here.


Evening activities on New Year’s Eve in Rome with Kids


In order to get the best feel of what New Year’s Eve in Rome is all about, you should head out to Piazza del Popolo, located at the entrance of the Villa Borghese gardens. Not only will you be able to see some great fireworks, but you will also be able to enjoy great live performances by popular rock bands or talented local classical musicians. A lot of people gather here to dance the night away.

Needless to say the place will be very crowded, so make sure to keep this detail in mind.

Equally as popular as the Piazza del Popolo is the area located between the monument of Vittorio Emanuele II and the Colosseum, also known as the Via dei Fori Imperiali. Here, countless Romans gather to watch the fireworks, the countdown and welcome the New Year with a great deal of enthusiasm. A free concert also takes place here, with famous local artists of all kinds of music genres, from traditional Italian music to jazz and DJs.

Here too, there are many people so if you don’t like big crowds, you should avoid this area. But then again, you will be missing out on all the fun, the partying and the overall good times.

The concert starts at 10PM.

The best view points for the fireworks are Janiculum hill and Monte Mario, near the Astronomic Observatory. From there, you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the fireworks, but you won’t have as much ambiance.

When it comes to transportation, you’ll be better off using your two feet that taking any type of public transportation.


As for the traditional New Year’s Eve dinner, called cenone di Capodanno, most of the Romans tend to have dinner at home or at friends’ houses. They then go out on the streets to party and enjoy the fireworks, the different parties and live performances…

Here are a few restaurants that we can recommend in which you will get a great New Year’s Eve dinner. But make sure you reserve well in advance!

Cenone Di Capodanno - New Year's Eve dinner

L’Asino d’Oro

Located near the Colosseum, in the middle of Monti, this cozy restaurant is the perfect place to have a great New Year’s Eve dinner. Chef Lucio Sforza proposes great cuisine using only simple, yet delicious ingredients, with the hope of giving emotion, and not just amazement.

  • Address: Via del Boschetto 73, Rome, Italy
  • Tel: +39 06 4891 3832Price: Around €130 per person
  • Price: to be confirmed


Il Brillo Parlante

Near Piazza del Popolo, where the action is on New Year’s Eve, is where you will find Il Brillo Parlante. This cozy, casual restaurant serves good typical Roman food, from fried appetizers, to pasta and pizza. Their menu is generally reworked for New Year’s Eve.

  • Address: Via della Fontanella 12
  • Tel: +39 06 324 3334
  • Price: no indication


Casa Bleve

Another alternative for a reasonably priced New Year’s Eve dinner is Casa Bleve.  Known in Rome mostly for their vast wine selection, they also serve great food. Add to that a great ambiance and the fact that they are very centrally located (right next to the Pantheon) and you are sure to spend a memorable New Year’s Eve.

  • Address: Via del Teatro Valle, 48
  • Tel: +39 06 686 5970
  • Price: Around €125 per person.



Located in the heart of Trastevere, this Michelin starred restaurant not only serves great food (chef Christina Bowerman), but the service is excellent and the staff is really friendly and helpful.

  • Address: Vicolo del Cinque, 58
  • Tel: +39 06 583 35903
  • Price: Around €250 per person


Crispi 19

If you are looking for great tasting seafood, don’t miss Crispi 19. Located near the Spanish Steps, in other words, not too far way from the fun in Piazza del Popolo, Crispi 19 does offer a very nice mixed menu (seafood and meat) for New Year’s Eve.

  • Address: Via Francesco Crispi 19
  • Tel: +39 06 678 5904
  • Price: Around €160 Euros per person


Trattoria Moderna

If you want to eat well and not have to spend too much, then Trattoria Moderna is a great bet. Located near Campo de Fiori (a square south of Piazza Navona), they serve a mix of both classic Roman food and international food. Their New Year’s Eve menu is more expensive than the “normal” menu, but still affordable for the quality and ambiance.

  • Address: Vicolo dei Chiodaroli, 16
  • Tel: +39 06 880 3423
  • Price: To be advised


Romeo Chef & Baker

This is another Cristina Bowerman restaurant. Located not too far away from the Vatican (about a 20mn walk from the Piazza del Popolo), you can get a delicious cenone for just €100. Great cuisine, great ambiance, and a complementary glass of Prosecco. A great combination for a great New Year’s Eve.

  • Address: Via Silla, 26/a
  • Tel: +39 06 3211 0120
  • Price: Around €100

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