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The 10 Best Things To Do In Rome With Kids

23 February 2017 Activities & Destinations 0 Comments


Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. From the ancient ruins to the classic art, beautiful architecture and rich history is everywhere. No wonder they call it the Eternal City. That’s all very exciting and interesting when you are an adult, but let’s be honest: doing a classical visit of architectural Rome might not be something your children are eager to do! All that culture, history and art can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you visit things in a classic way. For that reason, we’ve rounded up our ten favorite things for families and kids to do in Rome. Turn your family holiday into an exciting and unforgettable moment!


1. Become a Gladiator at a traditional Roman Gladiator School

gladiator training session Rome


A lot of Rome is about viewing and appreciating, but what about actually experiencing? Well, if your children are at least 6 years old, they can take part in a truly unique experience at a Roman Gladiator School—and so can you!

We are not talking the classic, way too touristy gladiator schools located in the heart of Rome. We are talking about a secret place, located 30 minutes away from the city center, in the middle of the country side. Here, a passionate historian and archaeologist has built a real, life size gladiator training camp just like the ones used 2000 years ago. Amazing!

For two hours, your family will learn the techniques of the Roman Gladiators, using historically accurate (but completely safe) weapons and clothing appropriate to the time period. The instructors offer a private lesson that’s more about fun than fighting. There’s also a bit of history to be learned, so all in all it’s an educational experience that’s also hands-on and exciting. A perfect way experience to add to a visit to the Colosseum, and truly one of the best things to do with kids in Rome.

For bookings, please contact us now.


2. Stroll through the Villa Borghese gardens


Don’t let the “garden” in the name fool you—there’s a whole lot more at Villa Borghese than just flowers. Take the famous Spanish Steps and you’ll arrive in this gorgeous public park. Bikes and Segways are available for rental to travel through the park. The most appealing part for kids is probably the zoo, called Bioparco di Roma, which is inside the park, but there are also galleries, cafés, lakes, and monuments if you just want to enjoy the park itself. Visitors find it to be a relaxing and scenic way to spend a day, or at least part of a day in Rome.

If you make it all the way to the Borghese gallery, which is at the back of the park, take a look inside. This fantastic museum of fine arts is located in what could be one of the most beautiful small palaces in the city. The beauty of the building is one thing (mostly the inside), but the collection of sculptures and paintings is priceless and worth a visit. Family Twist organizes private, fun-filled tours for families. Just check our Mysteries of Roman Mythology tour for more information.

  • Address: Pizzale del Museo Borghese, 00155 Rome, Italy
  • Phone number: +39 06 2258 2330

Zoo information:

  • Address: Viale del Giardino Zoologico, 1, 00197 Rome, ItalyWebsite:
  • Hours: 7 days a week from 9:30am to 5:00pm
  • Phone number: +39 06 360 8211
  • Website


3. Explore history at the Colosseum

The Colosseum at night


The Colosseum of Rome is a very popular tourist destination. No list would be complete without the Colosseum, the magnificent historical monument that has stood since the first century. “Oh! Another cultural activity… how boring for my kids” you might think? Wrong!

To fully appreciate and understand the importance of this building in the history of Rome, there is no better option than to book a family-friendly tour. Your children will be fascinated to enter the imposing iconic building and relive its glorious days. Here, fascinating events such as gladiator fights or animal hunts were performed. You and your children will learn all about these mighty warriors and more.

To make sure you experience the best of the Colosseum with your children, book our The Colosseum And Ancient Rome tour. It will also take you inside the Roman Forum for more fun facts and captivating anecdotes on the ancient city.

  • Address: Piazza del Colosseo, 00184 Rome, Italy
  • Phone number: +39 06 3996 7700
  • Hours: 7 days a week from 8:30am-6:15pm


4. Relax from above at Colle del Gianicolo

Best things in rome with kids - gianicolo


The Gianicolo, or Janiculum Hill has what many consider the best view of Rome. This large park is perfect place to relax and look out over the city. There are beautiful gardens and monuments in the park, but for something extra fun for the kids, head to the Puppet Theatre, where the Teatrino di Pulcinella al Gianicolo puts on puppet shows starring traditional Italian puppets every Saturday and Sunday. The shows are in italian, but they are easily understandable by all.

And don’t forget to make a wish at the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, a grand fountain that stands majestically in the park.

  • Address:  Via Garibaldi | Salita di Sant’Onofrio, 00165 Rome, Italy
  • Hours: Puppet show on Saturdays and Sundays 10:30am to 1:00pm and 4:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Phone number: +39 06 0608


5. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain

Best things in rome with kids - trevi fountain


Everyone will tell you—the Trevi Fountain is a must. Yes, it’s a popular tourist destination and yes, it will be crowded. But if you can brave the crowds, this fountain is truly magical. The massive fountain is a sight to behold, with beautiful sculptures and classic architecture dating back to the 18th century. The best part of the fountain, of course, is getting to make a wish by throwing a coin in it. The legend says that doing so will ensure a trip back to Rome in your future. If that’s not enough incentive, all of the coins thrown in the Trevi Fountain are donated to an Italian charity called Caritas. So take a quick trek to the fountain at some point, and see firsthand that some wishes really do come true!

Book Family Twist’s private Rome Along The Water walking tour, which includes a visit to the Trevi Fountain so as to make sure your children will really enjoy the experience. Our expert guides know how to handle children and will make this experience a highlight during your family holiday in Rome.

  • Address: Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Rome, Italy
  • Phone number: +39 39 3411 8214
  • Hours: Everyday from 12:00pm to 12:00am


6. Cover more ground with the Eco City Tour

Best things in rome with kids - eco tour


There is so much to see in Rome, but walking all day, especially with kids, can be difficult. Angel Tours solves this problem—with a golf cart. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it’s also a much easier way to see all the sights in a quicker amount of time without having to walk everywhere. This tour stops at some of the most popular sights in Rome, including St. Peter’s Square and the aforementioned Giancolo Hill. It’s an entertaining and efficient way to see Rome—and you’ll be grateful for it, especially in the summer months.

  • Address (meeting point): Across the street from the Grand Flora Marriott Hotel (Via Vittorio Veneto, 191, 00187 Rome, Italy)
  • Phone number: +39 348 734 1850
  • Hours: 4 hour tour, 7 days a week between 1:00pm and 2:30pm
  • Website:


7. Let kids be kids at the Explora Museum

Best things in rome with kids - explora museum


No, there are no ancient ruins or historical art at the Explora Museum, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a whole lot of fun. For children, it’s pretty much the complete opposite.

Explora is a place where kids can play, explore, and pretend to their hearts’ desire. There are areas for children of different ages, so babies and older kids can enjoy the museum all the same. Even though it’s not classic Rome, it’s a nice place to let kids be kids for an hour or so and one of the best things to do in Rome with kids.


8. Eat gelato!

Best things in rome with kids - gelateria


Gelato is a classic Italian dessert, and there are so many places to find it in Rome (check out article on Rome’s best ice cream parlors). You can eat gelato at the gelateria, or you could get it to go and walk around the city while enjoying a delicious treat. Kids love it, and adults like to indulge too.  But wait, there is more…

For the ultimate experience, why not make your own gelato. Family Twist offers great, family-friendly gelato making classes that will please both kids and adults! It’s a great way to discover this Italian culinary specialty and still have loads of fun with your family.


9. Visit a unique toy store at Bartolucci

Best things in rome with kids - bartolucci


You won’t find any action figures here—all the toys at Bartolucci are handcrafted from wood and made especially for the shop. If you’re a Pinocchio fan, this store is a must-stop. You’ll find tons of unique toys and souvenirs, and even some figures based off of Pinocchio himself! For a magical experience filled with cute figurines and trinkets for sale, some of which you may be tempted to take home, visit Bartolucci and enjoy the treasures it has to offer.



10. See the ruins (and cats) at the Largo di Torre Argentina

Best things in rome with kids - largo di torre


Not only will you see beautiful ancient Roman ruins at the Largo di Torre Argentina (including the Theatre of Pompey, where Julius Caesar was killed), but you’ll also make some new feline friends. That’s because these ruins are also considered a cat sanctuary. The staff that work at the Largo di Torre Argentina might even let you play with the cats! There’s even a gift shop where the proceeds go towards helping feed and clean the cats. Go for the sights, stay for the cats.

  • Address: Via Florida, 00186 Rome, Italy
  • Phone: +39 06 6880 5611

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