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What’s on in February?

February is a month in which European capitals are still in deep, dark winter, but that does not stop it from being the perfect moment to take a family break in Paris or in London to discover all the indoor fun that can be had in these cities. Even if the clouds have gathered or the snow is falling, you are sure to have a cosy and comfortable time.

A gourmet experience to warm your cockles…

The whole world knows about French cuisine, but not everyone can say they have tasted it. Take advantage of this frosty weather with our Family Twist guide, touring the best chocolatiers of Paris in the heart of Saint Germain des Près, such as Jean-Paul Hévin or Patrick Roger – you will think you have died and gone to heaven! In the same neighbourhood, you can also try out some excellent pâtisseries and hot chocolate at Un Dimanche à Paris – no way you will be disappointed! And do not worry, it is not all pure indulgence… We also have the perfect activity to learn about French culture while tasting the capital’s sweet treats. Learn to make your own pâtisseries with a real chef, and of course taste it with the whole family after the workshop.

No doubt you will also want to bring home some edible souvenirs! We suggest you stop at the Laurent Dubois fromagerie in the Boulevard Saint Germain, which offers the best French cheeses from every region and variety. Do not forget to ask for serving suggestions for each cheese, as they all have their own particularities. Be adventurous and try something really typically French! The joys of French cuisine are wide and varied, but perhaps the two that are best known and best loved are French cheese and wine (or juice for kids!). Of course, each is a treat in its own right. But in a 1.5-hour tasting in a classic French house in the Marais, you will appreciate that although each is delicious by itself, the real pleasure is to be found in matching cheese and wine together.

For the best baguette in Paris, you have to visit the Gontran Cherrier’s boulangerie near the neighbourhood of Montmartre, or the boulangerie Poilâne round the corner from the Église Saint-Sulpice. But the best way to try a traditional baguette is to make your own! Learn how to prepare real French bread in a 2-hour workshop with our special private chef, before enjoying a brunch en famille to taste your creations afterwards.

All of this making your mouth water? Well finally, you cannot miss the traditional French cuisine served up at the Fontaine de Mars restaurant – either try the excellent Magret de Canard or the famous Escargots de Bourgogne!

But enough about Paris, let’s find out what London has in store!

Family Twist knows a lot about British specialities, and has selected the best places to satisfy your appetites. Our first tip is to treat yourself to traditional afternoon tea. Head to the hotels Brown’s and The Goring, where you will be served a succulent selection of small plates accompanied by the best tea imaginable.

London has its famous chocolatiers too, and Family Twist is delighted to offer you a wonderful workshop where you will meet our charismatic Master Chocolatier, who will talk you through the history of chocolate and teach you how to create your own masterpieces!

And how about tasting some multicultural cuisine? London is a melting pot of people from all over the world, each with their own specialities. With Family Twist, you can taste them all in half a day with our multicultural tour in a private car with a guide who will introduce to the most succulent flavours from every corner of the globe!

A cultural afternoon away from the cold and the fog

February is the perfect time to visit some of the best known and most interesting museums in Paris and an opportunity to stay tucked up in the warmth. Family Twist has made a selection of the best museums to visit as a family.

Family Twist has created a personalized Treasure Hunt in the Louvre. You will learn loads at the same time as having lots of fun discovering the secrets of the famous masterpieces by playing a cryptic game and searching for a hidden treasure with a private guide. Never will you see your children so focused in a museum! After the visit you can also enjoy our workshop – the perfect post-Louvre activity – where your family will adapt one of the museum’s masterpieces with an amazing composition of your own in a Parisian artist’s studio.

Next stop is the famous Notre Dame… Did you know that the basement of this iconic cathedral houses a stunning crypt? This surprising place of archaeological interest also hosts an exhibition about the history of Notre Dame from Roman times until the present day.

Or maybe you are more interested in modern art? Do not miss the gallery dedicated to children at the Centre Georges Pompidou, the famously eccentric building in the centre of Paris. In February there will be an exhibition by Malachi Farrell about ecology, and the young will be able to attend a fascinating workshop and learn all about ecological issues.

If your children are passionate about science, you absolutely have to visit the Cité des Enfants, which is the ideal rainy-day destination and generally a great way to keep the kids occupied. Located on the ground floor (Level 0) of the Cité des Science et de l’Industries at La Villette, the Cité des Enfants is a children’s paradise. With its two permanent exhibitions, one for 2-7 year-olds and the other for 5-12 year-olds, children are free to explore and be as curious as they want. The exhibitions consist of fun, interactive and educational tours during which children have the opportunity to discover all sorts of curiosities, such as how dams work through the use of water features, or a mini-show to learn how snow is formed, not to mention many other fascinating experiments. It can get busy so you are advised to book tickets in advance.

To continue in the scientific vein, bring your children to try our science workshop in Marie Curie’s former school, where you will play at being crazy scientists and conduct extraordinary experiments, learning plenty of cool tricks to show to your friends back home. It may seem like magic, but it’s actually science!

Let’s see what is happening in London!

London is known for its dreary weather, and in February it is still cold there. But this city also hides many places where you will feel warm and comfortable while unearthing some of the city’s most incredible secrets…

Explore the British Museum with Family Twist while playing an interactive and cultural game, where you will have to solve clues and riddles about mummies, or even decrypt the Rosetta stone. Our private guide will take you on a mysterious tour that will captivate the whole family!

We also recommend you visit the Natural History Museum. You will not believe the real skeleton of a dinosaur that greets you in the hallway, not to mention those of all the other species the world has known! Family Twist can arrange a private guide for your family – someone you can ask any question you have about all these animals, especially if your children are curious about the creatures on display!

The Science Museum is another fantastic option! Here you will learn all sorts of secrets about the planet and space. And if you are really interested about the world around you, we recommend you take in their workshop to learn about how scientists study all these great mysteries.

Family Twist also suggests you check out the perfect exhibition for mother-daughter bonding… discover beautiful wedding dresses dating from 1775 to 2014 and see how marriages used to be in the past. It takes place in February at the Victoria & Albert Museum. We would be delighted to arrange a private guide for you who is a specialist on antique clothes and able to tell you a story about each dress.

You do not have to be in a museum to learn about culture!

What about learning some French? Family Twist suggests a lesson with a qualified language teacher in one of the most typically French cafés in Paris. It is the perfect activity to start your Parisian adventure. All your family will enjoy learning some French words and expressions with this enthusiastic instructor, and the café’s cosy atmosphere will make you forget about the cold of the winter outside.

The French are known for their fragrances and love to smell good. Follow in the footsteps of a real French parfumeur and make your own personalised fragrance with our private specialist who will teach you the age-old techniques of blending perfumes… You will feel unique creating a fragrance entirely of your own making!

In London, Family Twist has found the best rainy-day activities to help your family learn and experience culture in a more original way. You will love discovering the secrets of London’s detectives! Family Twist has just the activity for you… solve a mystery in the basement of a traditional British pub with two detectives from Scotland Yard, who will teach you all about the techniques used by the real experts!

Another big slice of family fun is our adventure on the Thames! Family Twist will arrange a private guide who will not only point out the different places you pass by, but will also keep you and your children fascinated by explaining the history behind each building.

Are you feeling good about visiting Paris and London in the wintertime? Family Twist is looking forward to welcoming you soon in Paris or London.

If you want to find out more about any Family Twist activities, visit our page, or if you have some questions, just contact us! At Family Twist, we are uniquely dedicated to providing parents and their children with fun, luxurious and hassle-free breaks in ParisLondon and the Loire ValleyBuild your trip now!