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Family Activities In Amsterdam


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and it is the perfect place to learn all about this small, yet fascinating country. With it’s unique architecture, it’s canals and it’s amazing history (especially during the Golden Age in the 16th century), there are many ways to enjoy the highlights and curiosities of Amsterdam. But if you are here with your family, then let us turn your family trip to Amsterdam into an experience you will always remember. From the classic museums to the more off the beaten track escapes, from cultural tours to hands-on activities, these experiences will ensure you have the most wonderful time in Amsterdam with your kids!


A Walk Through AmsterdamA Walk Through Amsterdam houses S

Discover some of the most iconic buildings of Amsterdam, as well as the curiosities that lay hidden in plain sight.

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The Canals Of AmsterdamThe canals of Amsterdam S

There is no better and more entertaining way to visit Amsterdam than by hopping on a private boat and navigating through the canals.

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Discovering Van GoghDiscovering Van Gogh S

The Van Gogh Museum is one of Amsterdam’s highlights, and your children will learn as much about painting as they will have fun during this unique visit.

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An Introduction To The Dutch MastersAn Introduction to the Dutch Masters S

Discover the riches of the Rijksmuseum and its priceless collection of paintings from the Golden Age, including Rembrandt and Vermeer.

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Ships Of The Golden AgeShips of the Golden Age S

Let you and your children travel back in time and discover how Holland once ruled the world with the power of its trade boats.

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Cycling In HollandCycling in Holland S

There is nothing more traditional than taking your bicycle to move in and outside of Amsterdam. This bicycle ride will please each and every member of your family.

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Painting Like Van Gogh SPainting Like Van Gogh

A perfect hands-on experience after a visit to the Van Gogh Museum. Learn how to paint like the post-impressionist master in a private area.

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Your 17th Century Self portrait SYour 17th Century Self Portrait

Dress up like a man or woman of the 17th century in Holland and paint your own self portrait of the Golden Age!

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Decorating your clogs SDecorating Your Clogs

The iconic yellow wooden shoes  are very Dutch. Decorate your own klompen during this highly entertaining,  private hands-on workshop.

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