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Building A Cathedral


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Christ Church is the oldest Cathedral in Dublin and is the best place to learn how magnificent cathedrals and churches were build in the middle ages.

This fun-filled and interesting hands-on activity starts with a visit of Christ Church. During 45 minutes, and with your children dressed as young medieval monks, you will discover the beauty and secrets of this iconic monument. Our expert guide will also tell you all the fascinating stories about its construction, its stories and fun-facts, its legendary crypt  and how it managed to withstand the test of time, still standing proudly in Dublin today.

Once everyone has had an idea of what Christ Church is all about, you will be lead to a private area in the church’s crypt. There, your art teacher awaits. Get ready to create your own Cathedral, using thick carton paper, scissors, markers and transparent sheets. By creating the cathedral, you will understand how stones were carved and piled up in a way that they could support the whole structure. If you build it correctly, you’ll be able to put a glass on top of your creating without seeing it collapse.

You will also be able to create beautiful stained-glass windows to decorate your Cathedral. After 2 hours, it will be time to disassemble your miniature building so you can bring it back home and assemble it there once again.


Key benefits:building a church - christ church crypte S

  • A visit of Christ Church, where children will be dressed as medieval monks
  • An introduction to how Christ Church was built
  • A 2 hour workshop to create your own Cathedral, based on Christ Church’s blueprints


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 3 hours
Minimum age 6 years
What is included:

– Skip the line tickets to visit Christ Church

– A private guide and art teacher

– A private area inside the Crypt to learn how to build a church