Tea time!


teatime with scones



What is better than enjoy afternoon tea? It’s enjoying your afternoon tea that you prepared yourself!

There is nothing more British than the traditional afternoon tea, which not only consists of having tea, but also comes with pastries, scones, and other typical English recipes such as cucumber sandwiches.

You and your family will be welcomed in a private Victorian house by an expert cook and tea maker. First, you will learn everything about the tradition of the afternoon tea. Then, it will be time to get your hands in the dough and prepare the perfect afternoon tea. Everyone will be participating, even the smaller children!

The best is kept for last. Once all the cooking is finished, it will be time to savor your delicious creations. And let’s not forget the tea as well, as you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of different flavors.

Our Tea Time activity is the best and most engaging way for children to appreciate an afternoon tea and learn about British culture and tradition in a fun way.


Key benefits:

  • Discover everything about the tradition of the afternoon teaafternoon tea time
  • A private Victorian house
  • Learn how to bake scones and short breads and make the perfect tea
  • A tea expert will accompany you during this afternoon tea


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2,5 hours
Minimum age 6 years
What is included:

– A private Victorian house

– An afternoon tea connoisseur

– scone baking session

– Afternoon tea