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An Introduction To Flamenco


An introduction to Flamenco



Experience Flamenco like never before with your family through private dance and percussion classes, followed by a private Flamenco show for your family only!



Flamenco is the typical music of Spain.

Originally based on folkloric music coming from the south of Spain (Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia), it has now become a kind of music and dance played all over the country and enjoyed by all. The recognizable technique and melodies of the singers (cante), the classic guitar (toque), the heel-stomping rhythms of the dancers and percussionists and, last but not least, the hand-clapping (palmas) are all part of this fascinating music.

Our Introduction to Flamenco is the best and most entertaining way to experience Flamenco with your family. The course is divided into 3 different parts.

Start by a 45 minute dance lesson with a private and experienced dance teacher. Then, experience a fun-filled 45 minute percussion (cajón) lesson, during which everyone will have fun while banging on these special “drums”.

Finally, to get a feeling of what Flamenco is all about, you and your children will get a private 20 minute show featuring professional flamenco singers, dancers and musicians. And if you feel confident enough, you and your children are more than welcome to participate!


Key benefits:An introduction to Flamenco - the restaurant

  • A private 45 minute dance lesson with an experienced Flamenco dancer
  • A private 45 minute percussion lesson with an experienced Flamenco musician
  • A private 20 minute show featuring professional flamenco singers, dancers and musicians


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 6 years
What is included:

– Private flamenco dance class

– Private flamenco percussion class

– Short flamenco show