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Baking French Bread & Croissants




Get your hands deliciously dirty as you and your children learn how to bake French bread and croissants, followed by a cozy and delightful brunch.



How about becoming a real French baker and learn how to bake French bread and croissants?

If you are looking for a highly entertaining activity, even for the smallest children, then come experience this fun-filled hands-on workshop.

Bread and croissants are certainly one of France’s most iconic foods. Everyone has heard of the famous long thin bread called baguette (which means “wand” in French)! And croissant is what you’ll get for breakfast anywhere in France!

In the comfort of a private kitchen, our private expert baker (or boulanger in French) will give you all his secrets as to how to make delicious french bread and croissants.

Everyone in your family will have get their hands deliciously dirty during this 2 hour fun-filled experience!

At the end of the activity, once everything is done, you will enjoy eating your very own bread and croissants, along with a choice of toppings. A mouth-watering “brunch” that will really make your day.

These recipes are easy and fun, so you’ll be making your own bread and croissants back at home in no time, just to impress your friends!

Suitable for even the smallest children, our Baking French Bread & Croissants is a treat for your whole family!


Key Benefits:Baking French Bread & Croissants - baguette

  • Learn how to bake traditional French bread and croissants
  • A private chef for your family only
  • A private kitchen
  • A brunch, with your bread and croissants!


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 5 years
What is included:

– A private kitchen for the family

– An experienced private bread baker

– A meal (simple brunch) at the end of the preparation


They liked it:

Enjoyed by Erin and his son Ely, 4 years:Ely had a great time at the bread baking class. Next time we’re here, we will do it again with the whole family! So much fun.