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Making French Macaroons


Making French Macaroons - tasty macaroons L



Learn how to make your own French macaroons in the comfort of a private professional kitchen, with the help of an experienced, family-friendly chef!



Macaroons (or macarons in French) are delicious round sweet treats that everyone enjoys! So why not learn how to make them and impress your guests back home?

In the comfort of a private and charming professional kitchen , follow the instructions of your family-friendly chef and learn the secrets to making French macaroons.

From making the dough to creating the creamy and tasty interior, everyone will be getting their hands deliciously dirty when making your own macaroons. You will be walking away from the kitchen with a box full of these delicious treats! This class is fully adapted to suite young children above the age of 9.

And while you are making them, your private chef will tell you all about the origin of the macaroons and how these little bite size multicolored treats have become the next best thing in French pastry.

If you are looking to spend a great family bonding moment in the heart of Paris, especially when members of your family have a sweet tooth, then you should definitely experience our Making French Macaroons class.


Key Benefits:

Making French Macarons - macarons S

  • A private kitchen and chef
  • A fun-filled macaroon baking class, adapted to young children
  • A tasting of your own creations.
  • A box full of your self made macaroons that you can take with you.


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 9 years
What is included:

– A private kitchen and chef

– A fun-filled hands-on workshop

– A box with your self made macaroons to take with you.