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A Pastry Class in Paris


Baking French Pastries with Children



Learn how to make your very own French pastries (choux, éclairs etc.) as well as a delicious hot chocolate during a fun-filled 2,5 hour private pastry baking class in Paris.



Is there anything more delicious and fun to make than French pastries? Not really…

If you and your children have a sweet tooth, you will love this Pastry Class in Paris hands-on experience. This is your one and only chance to learn the secrets of how to make typical french pastries such as choux, éclairs and other delicious treats.

Our Pastry Class in Paris is held in a charming, privatized cooking school. There, our private experienced chef, who is there just for you, will introduce you to his art. After a short introduction on French pastries, everyone will get their hands deliciously dirty!

During 2 hours, you will prepare your very own pastries. Both fun and educational, these French sweet delicacies will have no more secrets for you, and thanks to the help and instructions of your private chef, you will easily be able to reproduce these recipes at home! You’ll also make your own mouth-watering hot chocolate drink! This Pastry Class in Paris is something you will cherish for a long time.

And after kneading the dough, adding fillings and toppings and waiting for them to bake, it’s time to eat your tasty creations. This is a typical French snack break during which your chef will tell you many exciting stories and fun facts about the art of the French cuisine. And you’ll walk out with a bag filled with your very own self-made sweet creations.

This family-bonding activity is a must do when traveling to Paris with your children.


Key benefits:A pastry class in paris - choux S

  • Learn how to make your very own French pastries
  • Enjoy a delicious self-made hot chocolate, while eating your pastries
  • A privatized chef and a private kitchen for your family only
  • Exciting stories and fun facts about French cuisine


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 6 years
What is included:

– A private chef

– A private kitchen for your family only

– A pastry class: choux, éclairs…


They loved it:

Enjoyed by Judith, her daughter in law and her granddaughter Ella 8 years: The cooking class was great fun. By the end of class, we were all up to our necks in chocolate whipped cream and puff pastry.