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Welcome To Da Vinci’s Mansion


Welcome To Da Vinci's Mansion - Clos Lucé



Welcome to Leonardo Da Vinci’s former mansion, le Clos Lucé filled with real life-size reproductions of Da Vinci’s many fascinating and interactive inventions.



Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci spent his last years in the Loire Valley and is even buried in Amboise?

The Italian Renaissance artist (creator of the world famous Mona Lisa) and inventor was invited by 16th century French king Francis I to help him design the Château de Chambord. He was given another nearby château as a home: le Clos Lucé.

Our Welcome To Da Vinci’s Mansion tour consists of a visit of the inventor’s former house in the company of a certified and child-friendly guide.

Follow him/her as he/she takes your family through some of the key rooms of the mansion, including Da Vinci’s bedroom, dining room, kitchen and his atelier where he painted other masterpieces. This part is already very entertaining, and our guide knows how to keep the young ones engaged, but when you get to the basement and gardens, that’s when it becomes really fun. They feature some of Da Vinci’s extraordinary inventions. Your children will be able to play with these life size inventions to fully experience the genius’ work.

Our Welcome To Da Vinci’s Mansion tour is mesmerizing for both you and your children as entering the home of the creator of the Mona Lisa is something that leaves no one indifferent…


Key benefits:

  • A privately guided tour of Da Vinci’s last home: le Clos LucéWelcome To Da Vinci's Mansion - garden & inventions
  • Real life size interactive inventions of the Italian genius in the basement and garden
  • Skip the line tickets to the property
  • A gift at the end of the activity


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 6 years
What is included:

– Priority access to the Clos Lucé

– Fun-packed game booklet

– An experienced private guide