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It’s time you spend the best Halloween Holidays in Europe! With these great and unique activities, especially designed in the Halloween spirit, your Fall holidays will turn in to moments you and your children will cherish forever. From a cultural visit in Paris’ most famous museum to solving a criminal case in London or creating a delicious “spooky” pizza in Rome, turn this Halloween holiday in London, Paris or Rome with your children into a wonderful family bonding event!

And for more spooky areas in Paris, London and Rome, why not read our article: “Think Twice Before Bringing Your Kids To These Places On Halloween In Europe“.

All activities are available from Saturday October 21, 2017 to Sunday November 5th, 2017




The Halloween Murder CaseThe Halloween Murder Case

Start with a profiling session of London’s great criminals before going to the crime scene, where only you will solve the case….

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Eerie London Street ArtEerie London Street Art

Discover the artistic underground of East London and create your own family street art masterpiece on a special Halloween themed tour and workshop.

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Black Magic LessonA black magic lesson witch

Witness some great magic tricks performed privately by a real magician in a comfortable area before he teaches you and your children how to perform them.

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A Spooky Parisian Photo ShootA spooky parisian photo shoot

Learn how to take great pictures with a professional photographer and have your own great pictures of you and your children in Halloween costumes in Paris!

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thrills at the Catacombs-skullsThrills at the Catacombs

Discover one of the most fascinating and thrilling sights of Paris for Halloween with your children: The Catacombs. An unforgettable experience for all!

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At the cemetery Gates Pere lachaise At the Cemetery Gates

Visiting a cemetery might be a creepy thing to do, but when it is the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, it becomes a must-do in Paris, especially for Halloween!

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bake your halloween pastries

Bake Your Halloween Pastries

French pastries are already quite delicious, but when you bake them in little jack-o-lantern or ghost shapes, that’s when they become extra special!

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the ghosts of ancient paris - 3 ghosts

The Ghosts of Ancient Paris

Discover the beauty of some of the most iconic Parisian monuments through 3 ghosts of ancient Paris: Monet, Eiffel and Quasimodo. An unforgettable adventure

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Haunted Mosaic Workshop S

A Haunted Mosaic Workshop

A Haunted Mosaic Workshop is the perfect way to combine a fun mosaic workshop with the spirit of Halloween. Your children will be highly entertained in Rome.

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Halloween pizza cooking class S

Halloween Pizza Cooking Class

Making your own pizza with an experienced chef in Rome is fun, but creating a special Halloween scary pizza is even better! Let your imagination run free!

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halloween example of break

A 4 Day Halloween Holiday Treat

Spooky visits and activities in Paris and London: during Halloween, Family Twist creates screams of laughter and fright for an unforgettable family break…

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