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How to discover Paris or London with kids who have additional or special needs?

Anyone who has organized a trip for the whole family knows how much time and effort it takes. But if your child has an additional or special need, there are a lot of extra challenges to take into consideration. Part of the fun of travel is experiencing new things: taking the old boring routine and throwing it out the window. Like all children, those with special needs gain greatly from new experiences away from home. The idea of travelling with a child who needs extra support may seem daunting but, with careful planning and our help, you will be surprised at what can be achieved.

1/ Before the Trip

Planning is the key to successful travel, so it is important to spend some time thinking carefully about how your child’s specific needs can be met during the journey and throughout the time away from home. We suggest you draw up a list of potential difficulties, such as wheelchair accessibility, your child’s reaction to changes in routine, food allergies, medical needs, etc. Then our team will work alongside you to discuss how each of these can be addressed. With our expertise and knowledge of Paris we will help make everything easier for your family.

2/ Your choice of accommodation

Being away from home can be unsettling for kids. We have plenty of ideas about how to make a hotel a little more like a home. Bring as many familiar bedroom items as your baggage allowance will let you, like cuddly toys, or a favourite blanket, pillow or teddy. We will customize the itinerary to keep bedtimes and wake-up times as close to normal as possible. We would recommend booking an apartment located in a hotel, since this provides the perfect mix for a family. In one of these you can enjoy the freedom of an apartment (with a kitchen or kitchenette) alongside the service of a hotel: everyday cleaning, helpful reception, and breakfasts in the morning. This way you will feel more comfortable but also independent.

3/ Our services

We are the specialist for family breaks. While we do not pretend to be experts in travel with children who have special needs, our know-how and determination to create wonderful, lifelong family memories will help make everything easier for you. Our twist? As all our activities are private and bespoke, it is easy for us to adapt everything to suit your family. For example, we would be able to arrange a special car, to check with restaurants well in advance if your child has particular dietary requirements, to find a guide specially trained to supervise children with certain needs, or to check for wheelchair accessibility and adapt itineraries accordingly.

We are looking forward to designing your bespoke family break!

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