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Making travelling with toddlers in Europe easier with Family Twist!

BabiesPlanning a family holiday to Europe with babies and toddlers can be really laborious due to their very specific needs. For most the idea of heading to Paris or London – with all the paraphernalia necessary for your children – is a nightmare. But Family Twist has just the ticket to make your trip pleasant and hassle-free. Here are some of our secrets and tips about how to enjoy a perfect family break with the younger ones.

Travel in a practical manner!

ToddlersPhase 1 of the journey can already be quite a challenge, since taking a buggy, changing table or booster seat on a plane or train is cumbersome to say the least. Family Twist gives you the chance to travel light by providing you with all the baby equipment you will need upon arrival.

Your choice of accommodation is crucial to making your stay easier, as not all hotels are suited to welcoming young children. Family Twist is specialized in breaks for families and has a range of hotels and apartments that will make your trip smooth and perfect. We visit each destination prior to recommending it to be sure they are child-friendly. We recommend you choose an apartment inside a hotel for maximum comfort, as babies and toddlers need to sleep early and you will have the possibility of leaving them in their room while you get some much-needed rest from a tiring day in the living room. Having a kitchen is also very helpful to store your baby food and snacks, and your children will need to take their time during breakfast to prepare themselves for the day’s activities. It is a way to feel like you are in a home away from home, but one with all the services required to take the hassle out of your holiday, such as everyday cleaning and helpful reception to give prompt advice and support.

On arrival at your hotel you will find your welcome pack which will be indispensable to feeling that everything is going smoothly. It includes a detailed map of Paris, recommendations of restaurants, boutiques or pharmacies around your hotel, useful numbers you might need – such as an English-speaking doctor and our emergency phone number – along with some nice surprises for the kids.

Make your visits easier and more enjoyable!

LuxembourgToddlers need to get fresh air and play outside after a long day of activities and tours. If you travel to Paris, London or the Loire Valley you will find green places or public gardens all over where your children can run about and play. In Paris we recommend the Parc du Luxembourg or the Jardin des Tuileries; in London visit Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park which, in addition to being a paradise for your children, are very iconic places in these cities. In the Loire Valley you will be surrounded by parks and gardens for your children to enjoy.

Visiting cities like Paris and London provides a chance to see all the world-famous museums and monuments, but having your little monsters beside you can make it complicated, especially when it comes to standing in long queues or walking in a very crowded place. Family Twist makes everything easier by arranging queue-jump tickets to ensure your visit to the Eiffel Tower or the London Eye will go smoothly.

The selection of ways to move around the city is very important – it can end up being very complicated as public transport is not friendly for babies or toddlers in cities as big as Paris and London. Pushing a buggy round the métro is the best way to drive yourself crazy and have a tricky time of it. Family Twist can organize you a private car with a chauffeur and a children’s car seat to make your transfers easy and safe.

We have also thought about how best to choose restaurants while travelling with youngsters, as much of the time they are not at all suited to accommodating a very young clientele. Let Family Twist book a restaurant where your child can enjoy an appropriate and delicious meal while you can enjoy sampling gourmet French specialties. We will make sure that your lunch or dinner time is an absolute delight!

Have fun all together!

Now we are getting to the best bit! To make sure both you and your children have the trip of a lifetime, Family Twist has developed a range of suitable activities to keep your youngsters intrigued and enchanted.

ScooterIn Paris we recommend taking a ride in a three-wheeler scooter around the most beautiful places in the city centre. Even the youngest ones will love this chance to burn off some energy! Your toddlers will also adore learning how to bake a traditional baguette with a private French chef before gobbling it up for brunch. If you feel more artistic, we recommend you follow in the footsteps of the Impressionists and create a masterpiece en famille. This activity is super popular among toddlers as colours and paint enliven their imaginations. Finally, take a horse-drawn carriage for a different approach to sightseeing. Your children will be grateful for a chance to do some sit-down tourism to rest their tired legs.

RoyalIn London, how about a chocolate workshop where your toddlers will get to decorate some chocolate with a private chocolatier? Nothing will make them happier than eating it afterwards! For a more cultural visit, you can do our Royal Family Tour where you will visit Westminster Abbey and check out the guards outside Buckingham Palace. Your children will also love taking a trip down the River Thames while playing an easy game inspired by the buildings you are passing by. You can also choose to start with a tour on the London Eye to see the city from very high.

All our activities and visits are run by private specialized guides and professionals who will make your holiday instructive, fun and easy-going.

If you are fashion addicts, ask for our tips on luxury boutiques tailored for babies and toddlers. We can arrange a personal shopper to track down some sophisticated clothes for your little ones. Our favourites are Miki House, Ovale and Bonpoint – all real gems that will make your kids truly cherish their time in Paris.

If you want to see our other activities in London, Paris and the Loire Valley, take a look on our page. And if you have any specific questions about planning a tailor-made family break, contact us here.