London, The River Thames & The London Eye

Take a spin inside the London Eye, then board a Clippers Boat for a combined cruise and a walking tour.

Best for Teens
Cultural Visit
3 hours
Private Certified Guide
Skip the line tickets
Price per family
6 participants max
Minimum age
5 years
2 hours 30 minutes
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    • 100 €
  • Let us know if you’re travelling for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary and we’ll be sure to be mindful. You can also use this space to let us know if you need some additional help.


The Thames River is an essential part of London as you can see a lot of the city’s iconic landmarks from the river. The same goes for London’s famous Ferris wheel, the London Eye.

Meet your private, Blue Badge guide in front of the London Eye Ferris wheel and, with skip-the-line tickets, take a spin inside one of the capsules and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Then, hop on a public boat for a quick and enjoyable cruise on the Thames River. You and you children will be able to spot some famous landmarks, including all the new modern skyscrapers that define London’s skyline.

After 15 minutes, you will arrive at London Bridge City pier from where you will have a beautiful view on Tower Bridge (the iconic bridge with the 2 towers), the HMS Belfast warship and the Tower of London.

Follow the guide along the banks of the Thames to other interesting places such as Borough Market, the Golden Hinde and the old jail. There are countless fascinating stories to be heard about these places as you walk toward the Millennium Bridge.

It is then a short walk over the Millennium Bridge to reach a terrace with a beautiful panoramic view on Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

To keep your children fully engaged and entertained, each of them will be handed out a game booklet.

If you do not want to get on the London Eye, book our London and the River Thames tour.



This tour is available in the following languages : English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese


Meeting Point: At the London Eye

Finish: Near Saint Paul’s Cathedral



  • A private Blue Badge guide who knows how to keep the children engaged
  • Fast Track tickets for the London Eye
  • Tickets for the clipper’s boat
  • A game booklet and gift for each child


  • Tickets to all monuments seen throughout the tour (except the London Eye)
  • Transfer to the London Eye and from Saint Paul’s Cathedral
  • Tips and purchases such as souvenirs
  • Snacks and drinks


  • The London Eye (inside)
  • The River Thames
  • Tower Bridge and the Tower of London
  • The HMS Belfast and the Golden Hinde
  • Borough Market
  • The old jail
  • The Tate Modern Museum and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater


Is this tour private?
Yes, it is. No one else will be joining your private tour, and you will have your own private guide throughout the visit. However, other people will be inside the London Eye and on the public clipper’s boat at the same time.
Will we go inside some of the highlights seen?
Apart from the London Eye, included in this tour, there is no time to go inside all the highlights you will be seeing along the way. But this might give you a more precise idea of what there is, and you can choose to visit a museum or a monument after the tour on your own.
Will we wait in line?
We provide skip-the-line tickets for the London Eye, so there will be no waiting in line. There is always a line to board the clippers boat, but it does not take long for everyone to embark and disembark.
Are the parents staying with the children or separated?
We always promote a family-bonding moment, where parents and children enjoy an activity together as a family. So, parents and children will not be separated. However, if you choose to send your children on this activity alone, it is possible, provided that a babysitter accompanies the children regardless of the age, for insurance purposes (our guides are not responsible for the children).
Is it suitable for kids under 6 years old?
We recommend this tour for kids aged 6 or older, because they must know how to read and write in order to enjoy the fun-filled game booklet. Younger kids can join, and they will enjoy it, but they will not be able to play the game, unless a parent or older sibling helps.
Can I bring a stroller or a wheelchair?
Technically, it is possible to bring a stroller or wheelchair.
Will my teenage kids like the tour?
Sure, they will. They might not want to have the game booklet, but since it is a private tour, our professional guide will adapt their speech to keep your teenagers engaged and entertained throughout the tour.

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