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The Art Of British Etiquette


ladies and gentlemen girl with flowers



Learn how to become the perfect lady or gentleman with this fun-filled and interesting British Etiquette class while having tea and pastries in a luxurious setting.



So, do you really think you know British Etiquette?

Will you know how to properly greet your British Etiquette specialist when you meet her? Will you know how to walk from the entrance of the building to the area where the class takes place? Do you know how to request going to the bathroom in the utmost polite manner?

Well, those are among the great things you will learn from our British Etiquette specialist. Set in the heart of London, in a very luxurious venue, you and your children will learn how to sit, stand and walk with style, speak with an English accent, and shake hands like a true English person.

After this, you will learn everything about table manners: How to signal to waiting staff, who sits where in a restaurant, how to hold Cutlery and Glass and even how to cope with unfamiliar food. And to test all this, you and your children will all get some pastry and a hot chocolate!

And why not throw in a little competition to make it even more exciting? If you guess the correct English word, you will get a prize!

With this hands-on experience on English Etiquette, Go back home and behave in the most polite and proper way possible! In other words, you will be the perfect Ladies and Gentlemen.


Key benefits:The Art OF British Etiquette - 2 Girls

  • An etiquette lesson for the whole family, to become perfect ladies and gentlemen
  • An expert in royal manners
  • 2 special venues for 2 different courses
  • Hot drinks and pastries


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 5 years
What is included:

– A private etiquette specialist

– hot drinks and pastries