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Sculpting Like Rodin


Sculpting Like Rodin - Rodin Museum L



Discover the world of Rodin through a quick visit of the Rodin Museum followed by a private carving hands-on workshop in the heart of Saint Germain district.



Not only is Auguste Rodin one of the most talented and famous sculptors of all time, but his techniques and approach to sculpting were revolutionary.

Take a step into Rodin’s world and art through our Carving Like Rodin activity, covering a quick visit to the Rodin Museum and a fun-filled hands-on workshop.

After meeting your private art teacher in front of the Rodin Museum, follow her as she leads you to the highlights of this charming museum. From the Doors of Hell to The Thinker, you will cover Rodin’s most famous sculptures and understand how he came to this final result.

After this quick 40 minute visit, hop into our private luxurious minivan and let our chauffeur drive you (along with your art teacher) to the workshop in Saint Germain Des Prés.

There, after a brief introduction on the way you will experience carving like Rodin, you will be able to see if you have what it takes to become an famous artist like Rodin. Based on things you have seen in the museum, you will reproduce a carving of a sculpture (and add your personal touches) in a special foam. And with special ink, you will create a wonderful masterpiece inspired by Rodin.

At the end of this 2 hour carving Like Rodin workshop, everyone will be able to bring back his/her own masterpiece!


Key Benefits:Carving Like Rodin - result S

  • A private art teacher who knows how to keep the children engaged
  • A quick 40 minute visit of the Rodin Museum
  • A private workshop where you will learn how to carve like Rodin
  • A personal artwork that you will be able to bring back home


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 3 hours
Minimum age 7 years
What is included:

– A private art teacher

– A visit to the Rodin Museum with the art teacher

– A private workshop

– A unique artwork that you will bring back home