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Fresco Painting Like Michelangelo




This introduction to the art of fresco is a fun-filled hands-on workshop that will let you create your own fresco painting, with techniques used by Michelangelo himself.



How about experiencing a truly unique hands-on workshop with your children in Rome?

Our Fresco Painting Like Michelangelo hands-on workshop is the perfect way to learn all about this form of art, and share a wonderful and entertaining family moment.

Let your private art teacher explain all there is to know about this for of art used by so many painters of the past, in a small charming workshop in  central Rome, just a stone’s throw away from the impressive Castel Sant’ Angelo.

After a brief introduction on the art of making frescoes, you will start with your own personal creation. Each member of the family chooses the design he/she wants to reproduce on the stone. Once your choice is made, just follow the 4 main steps:

Create the coat by adding a mixture of wet limestone and sand on a ceramic tile (the term fresco comes from the Italian word fresh or wet: painting on fresh coating).

Create the outlines, to prepare the transfer of the drawing on the wet coat, by pricking holes on a paper following the outlines of the design you have chosen to reproduce.

Transfer the drawing by applying a special black pigment on the paper, which will go through the holes and mark the wet stone

Color the fresco, choosing your colors. You’ll have to be quick as everything needs to be done before the coat gets dry!

After 2 hours, the coat will have dried up and both the pigment and the colors will have penetrated the plaster. You will leave this private workshop, each with your own frescoes à la Michelangelo and a great big smile on your face.



Key benefits:Fresco Painting Like Michelangelo

  • An initiation to the art of making frescoes
  • A hands-on, fun-filled workshop with a private art teacher (who happens to be a professional fresco restorer)
  • A small fresco per person, using Michelangelo’s technique, that you will bring back home


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 6 years
What is included:

– Private teacher for your family

– Private charming venue

– A fresco for each member of your family you can bring back home