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Amazing Artisans Of Venice




Take a behind-the-scenes look at 3 amazing traditional artisan workshops in Venice: a gold leaf maker, a traditional printer and a fascinating puppet maker…



Venice has an old tradition of crafts. Wouldn’t it be nice for you and your children to take a privileged sneak peak at some of the most traditional and representative artisans of Venice ?

Follow our expert guide as he/she takes you to 3 fascinating ateliers that will leave you and your children amazed…

Your first stop is at the last of the great gold leaf makers in Venice. This very small workshop is still like it was some 100 years ago, and the techniques have not changed one bit. See how the men beats the gold pieces into very thin leaves and how the women carefully shape and place them in special folders. Breathless is what you have to be, or else these extra thin leaves will blow away!

Your second stop is an traditional printer. Here, you will get to make your own print! Choose either a poster or a T-shirt, as well as the kind of print you would like to have. After that, follow the instructions of the master printer and make your own personalized article that you can take back home!

The final artisan workshop on the list is a puppet workshop. Let the owner tell you about his world of puppets and how he developed a new technique using saw dust. He has been supplying puppets all over the world, and you’ll be amazed how many international stars have asked him to make them a puppet!  But the best part is when you will try to manipulate a puppet: it looks easy, but wait until you try!

(The order of the visits might change and one atelier could be replaced by another should the atelier be closed for an unexpected reason)


Key benefits:Amazing Artisans of Venice - gold leaf

  • A private, fully licensed guide who knows how to keep the children engaged
  • A behind the scenes visit to 3 traditional workshops in Venice
  • A printing of your choice on either a poster or a Tshirt


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 3 hours
Minimum age 5 years
Restrictions Afternoons only

Closed on weekends

What is included:

– Private licensed guide

– A visit to 3 traditional workshops

– A print on either a poster or Tshirt