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Family Events


Here are 10 examples of unique private family events.

These examples of family events are there to get you and your clients inspired. Since everyone is different, we can design truly unique and extraordinary family events that will perfectly suit the family’s needs and budget.

We specialize in turning your clients’ wildest travel dreams into a reality.

Contact us and send us as much useful information as possible: What does the family like? Is it their first time in the chosen destination? What do they dream of doing as a family in the destination? What is the budget?). With this, we will get back to you with a unique bespoke proposition.


The Tower of London with a Wizard

The Tower of London with a Wizard

The location: Tower of London

The purpose : Spend a magical moment the family will never forget

The twist: A Gandalf-like wizard (professional magician) informs the family that he has lost his book of spells. The whole family then looks for clues scattered around the Tower of London while the private guide gives fascinating information about the iconic monument. Eventually, the book of spells is found and to thank the family, the wizard takes them to a beautiful privatized venue where he teaches the children some amazing magic tricks.


Cracking the Da Vinci Code with a Medieval Monk

Cracking the Da Vinci Code with a Medieval Monk

The location: From the Pantheon to the Pont des Arts, Paris

The purpose : Make this Da Vinci Code tour as real as possible

The twist: A medieval monk (actor) is the game master of an exciting and fun-packed treasure hunt, based on Dan Brown’s famous novel The Da Vinci Code. The world is about to fall apart unless the whole family, using the tips and explanations of a private guide, manages to solve the different riddles that lead to a mysterious hidden treasure…


The Opera Garnier Private Photo Shoot

The Opera Garnier Private Photo Shoot

The location: Opera Garnier, Paris

The purpose : Making a cultural visit awe inspiring

The twist: An after-hours private guided visit of the Opera Garnier, truly one of the most beautiful monuments in Paris, followed by a professional photo shoot inside the building. This unique experience features priviledged unlimited backstage access, including the underground water reserves that inspired Gaston Leroux’s famous Phantom of the Opera!


Montmartre with a Fortune Teller

Montmartre with a Fortune Teller

The location: Montmartre, Paris

The purpose: A magical and bonding family experience

The twist: A private guide takes the family through the secret narrow streets of the charming Montmartre area. They suddenly meet a fortune teller (actor) that reveals certain truths about each member of the family and hands out different objects, based on information previously given about the family. These objects are in fact clues which help lead the family to those secret areas, including a charming hidden boutique hotel where a talented portraitist awaits…


Knights in Paris of the Middle Ages

Knights in Paris of the Middle Ages

The location: Lower Marais district, Paris

The purpose: Have the family discover the fascinating Medieval times

The twist: This fun-packed discovery of Paris during the Middle Ages will grab everyone’s full attention. Aside from the very entertaining games and clues to be solved, you’ll have a hands on experience making your own small leather bag. Traditional medieval musicians and dancers are also part of the fun. And in the end, a real knight in shining armour will  knight the children following the codes of the ancestral ceremony…


A Marriage Proposal à la The Artist

A Marriage Proposal à la The Artist

The location: Several wonderful areas in Paris

The purpose: A wedding proposal beyond your most romantic dreams

The twist: In this short professionally shot movie inspired by the award winning motion picture The Artist, a journalist (the future husband) falls in love with an actress (the wife to be) in an old Parisian theater. He then takes her to the most iconic and beautiful spots in Paris, using an old luxurious vintage car. But soon, the fairytale movie scenario becomes a reality when the man goes down on one knee and reveals a beautiful diamond ring…


The Christmas Market Treasure Hunt

The Christmas Market Treasure Hunt

The location: The Christmas market on the Champs-Elysées, Paris

The purpose: Celebrate the anniversary of the couple’s first encounter.

The twist: Based on the information given by the husband, clues are scattered all over the Champs-Elysées Christmas market. Following a pre-determined path, his wife surprisingly stumbles upon all those clues, which reminds her of of the first day they met. She soon realizes that it is all there for the couple’s first encounter anniversary… A truly magical experience.


Becoming the Perfect Lady and Gentleman

Becoming the Perfect Lady and Gentleman

The location: The Club Room in London

The purpose: A bonding family experience deeply related to the country’s culture

The twist: In the very luxurious Club Room in London, a real etiquette specialist gives tips and fun facts during a delicious traditional english lunch. From the way you great your guests to how you should eat, drink, and use your knife and fork, this 4 hour exciting experience turns everyone into a perfect English lady and gentleman.


A Luxurious Picnic at the Eiffel Tower

A Luxurious Picnic at the Eiffel Tower

The location: Champ de Mars with view on the Eiffel Tower, Paris

The purpose: Offer a unique, chic but very parisian experience for the whole family

The twist: Parisians love picnics, especially if it’s a luxurious picnic at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. It can’t get any better than this: traditional small checkered table cloths, real silverware and glasses, cushions for optimal comfort and games to entertain the children. As for the food, picture a private gourmet chef preparing delicious french specialties. Truly delighting…


Guerlain and the Art of Perfume Making

Guerlain and the art of perfume making

The location: Maison Guerlain, Paris

The purpose: Offer a luxurious hands on experience in the art of perfume making

The twist: What better place to get a real hands-on perfume making experience than the luxurious Maison Guerlain, located on the Champs Elysées? The magic starts as you climb the stairs for a private visit of the exceptional fragrance and perfume bottle collection. You will then get familiar with different scents through a fun and exciting blind test lead by a real professional parfumeur. And once you have selected your favorite smells, the parfumeur will then help you create your very own fragrance.