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Team Family Twist - Magali

Magali Déchelette

CEO and Founder

Background: I graduated from the top French business school HEC in 2006 with a Master’s degree in Business and Entrepreneurship. After working for Cartier in Paris, in the luxury travel sector in Shanghai, and for Oliver Wyman Management Consulting for 4 years, I felt it was the perfect time to make my dream come true: set up Family Twist.

Languages: French, English

Places I have traveled to: Colombia, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Burma, China and a few more.

Favorite Family Twist ActivityPâtisserie Baking Class, as I love cooking myself!

Best Family Travel advice: I am so predictable: contact Family Twist!

Team Family Twist - Florian

Florian Craanen

Head of International Development

Background: Traveling is the story of my life. After following my  diplomatic family across the world, I studied international business. This led me to career opportunities in Thailand, Angola, Greece, China and France, in different sectors, such as journalism and trading. But Tourism has always been my thing, so here I am, traveling for Family Twist.

Languages: French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese and Thai

Places I have traveled to: A lot, but still a long list of places I would like to see

Favorite Family Twist ActivityRow like a Gondolier because it’s so much fun!

Best Family Travel advice: Always chose the easiest way: rely on expert advice

Team Family Twist - Constance

Constance Tertrais

Operations Manager

Background: I started studying law and quickly turned to the tourism sector by doing a master degree in tourism management. It gave me the opportunity to travel to a lot of exotic places and build my expertise in handling traveling individuals, such as Vietnam and Cambodia. I moved back to France in 2015 and started working for Family Twist since that time: an obvious choice as I knew this company was going somewhere… fast!

Languages: French, English

Places I have traveled to: Everywhere in Europe, China, South and Southeast Asia, the US, Israel, Egypt, Turkey…

Favorite Family Twist ActivityBecome a Parfumeur because I just love the fragrances.

Best Family Travel advice: Involve your children in the organization of your holiday.

stanislas de montenay

Stanislas de Montenay

Head of Sales

Background: After majoring in International Business, I worked in the cotton industry for very long, even setting up my own company in France. This lead me to many different parts of the world. As a proud father of 4 lovely daughters, I have always enjoyed sharing the culture of a foreign country with my family when on holiday. Catering for traveling families was an obvious change of career!

Languages: French, English

Places I have traveled to:  Europe, the United-States, India and Pakistan!

Favorite Family Twist Activity: The Treasure Hunt At The Louvre because everyone in my family adored it!

Best Family Travel advice: When on a family holiday, make sure you spend quality time with your children!

Team Family Twist - Juliette

Juliette Contal

Family Travel Designer France

Background: I studied Tourism in France, but really had the desire to travel and see the world. So I packed my backs and headed out to Ireland, Poland and the Czech Republic to work. Eventually, after 3 years filled with amazing experiences abroad, it was time for me to settle down in Paris. But being from the country side, it’s still an adventure!

Languages: French, English, German

Places I have traveled to: Lots of places in Europe, Mongolia and Senegal…

Favorite Family Twist ActivityFencing Masterclass because of the location, and the fact that it’s action packed and fun!

Best Family Travel advice: Book in advance to broaden the possibilities. If not, you might miss out on a lot of great and fun things!

celine laurent S

Céline Laurent

Family Travel Designer UK

Background: I have always wanted to work for children. I studied geography, hoping I would become a  teacher, but when I crossed paths with tourism, I just fell in love with it. I completed a Master degree in tourism and have always worked as a travel advisor. Working for Family Twist was the perfect way to combine both of my passions.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Places I have traveled to: Most European destinations (I just love long train rides!)

Favorite Family Twist Activity: In The Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes because I just love investigations!

Best Family Travel advice: When on holiday, spend as much time with your children! They grow up so fast, might as well enjoy every minute of them…

penelope langlois S

Pénélope Langlois

Family Travel Designer France

Background: After spending my early years in France, I decided to study international projects management. During this time, I had the opportunity to study and work in foreign countries. Because I enjoyed discovering other cultures so much and helping my friends plan their holidays in those destinations, I decided to work in tourism. And now that I can share my passion with traveling families, I am as happy as can be!

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Places I have traveled to: All over Europe, the French Caribbean, Ecuador .

Favorite Family Twist ActivityMaking French Macaroons. Do I really have to explain why?

Best Family Travel advice: Enjoy your trip 100% to create unique family memories

julie ourtau S

Julie Ourtau

Family Travel Designer Italy

Background: Where should I start? I studied Tourism in France, but quickly left to become an au pair. Tourism was a passion, and I moved on to becoming a receptionist at the Raffles Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris. My passion for travel and my desire to discover the world lead me to work as a stewardess for an international airlines. After 3 years of endless traveling, it was time to settle down with Family Twist.

Languages: French, English

Places I have traveled to: I was a flight attendant: you can imagine that the list is long!

Favorite Family Twist ActivityMake Your Own Pizza! Eating self-made pizza is truly the best!

Best Family Travel advice: Know the expectations of your kids well in order to adapt the rhythm and pace of the holiday.

caroline rastello S

Caroline Rastello

Brand & Product Manager

Background: What brought me to Family Twist is the fact that I was one of their guides for a few years. After studying art history and design, I became a fully licensed guide in Paris. With my passion for combining education and fun when talking about Paris, it naturally lead me to becoming a family-friendly guide… The rest, as they say, is history!

Languages: French, English

Places I have traveled to: I am a well traveled person, but I also travel through time by staying in Paris and enjoying it’s incredible historical legacy…

Favorite Family Twist Activity: A day at the Palace of Versailles. There are so many hidden secrets I love to share!

Best Family Travel advice: Adapt your pace and rhythm to your children. Things are much easier this way!

Team Family Twist - Benjamin Vacher

Benjamin Vacher

Local Expert Spain

Background: After getting my masters in hotel management and tourism at Vatel in France, I was offered the possibility to work in Australia and Morocco. After a few years, I felt the need to go back to Spain, a country I love. How lucky am I now to be able to share my passion with families traveling in Barcelona, Madrid or anywhere in Spain?

Languages: French, Spanish, English, Catalan

Places I have traveled to: Europe a lot.. Australia, Thailand, Canada, the US

Favorite Family Twist Activity: Paella Time. The kitchen, the chef and the food are just amazing and fun for adults and children!

Best Family Travel advice: Come to Spain: there is so much to do here for families, be it Madrid, Barcelona or anywhere else in this sunny country!

Team Family Twist - Justine

Justine Seeman

Local Expert UK

Background: Hyperactive? Not really, just hyper interested in a lot of things! After studying the history of Art, I studied Tourism and became a professional guide. I also studied sports! Everything was OK until I set foot in the UK, and that’s when my love story with this country started. And after having lived in Colwall for a few months, I am now a happy London citizen!

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Places I have traveled to: Spain, UK, Slovenia and let’s not forget France, that I know very well!

Favorite Family Twist Activity: Detective for a Day because it’s really interesting and fun!

Best Family Travel advice: Have your children participate in the planning of your trip!

 agathe hamon

Agathe Hamon

Local Expert Italy

Background: Traveling is in my blood! After my Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management in France, I moved to Spain (who wouldn’t?), came back to France for a Masters degree, headed then to Brazil before working in London for a well known travel company! And after a trip to Italy, I fell in love with the country and decided to move to Rome.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian

Places I have traveled to: Many European countries, South America, Africa, the US and the Philippines…

Favorite Family Twist Activity: Make Your Own Pizza for that slice of La Dolce Vita!

Best Family Travel advice: Join us in Italy! I’ll make sure you have the best time there ever!

Camille Seignol

Camille Seignol

Local Expert France

Background: I grew up in the East part of France, but quickly lived an international life. I lived in California when I was a child, and studied hospitality in Brussels. But right after I graduated, I moved to my favorite city in the world: Paris. Every day, I discover something new there. That’s why I love Paris. And showing it to visitors is a real pleasure!

Languages: French, English

Places I have traveled to: The USA (5 states), most European countries and a few places around the world!

Favorite Family Twist Activity: Climbing Up The Eiffel Tower as you can see everything from up there on a sunny day!

Best Family Travel advice: Don’t be in a hurry when on holiday. Sit back, relax and enjoy being with your family!

William Auguste

William Auguste

Finance Manager

Background: Who said you can’t love travel AND numbers? Right after I graduated from a leading financial school in France, I got into a start-up, and left the start-up world only to travel to 8 different countries in 2017, thus quenching my thirst for travel and adventure. Working as the financial manager of Family Twist was the most natural choice.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Places I have traveled to: Europe, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and the Dominican Republic!

Favorite Family Twist Activity: Rembrandt Self Portrait Workshop, not for my face, but for the incredible fun!

Best Family Travel advice: Don’t let money get in the way! For the best, get in touch with the best!

susanna N

Susanna Nordström

Head of Logistics and Customer Relations

Background: I have grown up around the world, having left Sweden over 20 years ago. After studying at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, I continued to explore the world, and have now settled down in my 9th country: France ! Having a big interest in meeting people from different cultures, there is no doubt that I love being in touch with our traveling families on a daily basis!

Languages: Swedish, English

Places I have traveled to: Europe, Japan, Australia, India, USA, China, UAE, Indonesia, South Africa and more…

Favorite Family Twist Activity: The Secrets Of Edinburgh Castle: there is just something magical about this place for parents and children!

Best Family Travel advice: Don’t just dream of a fun-filled holiday with your children: it can now be a reality!


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And here’s our story:

The seeds of Family Twist were sown many years ago in Shanghai. A mom was planning to spend a few days in Paris, and was looking for cultural things to do with children there. Since she could not find anything on the web, she decided to ask Magali Déchelette, a native French, to organize the European trip for her.

Magali soon noticed that what was difficult for a Chinese mom was in fact difficult for every parent: how to interest the kids in culture and offer them the opportunity to learn differently. And what about finding the perfect family-friendly hotel or the right transportation. This all lead to one question: how can a whole family share a memorable experience together.

With this question in mind, and with her knowledge on Paris, Magali decided to set up Family Twist. First step: bringing smiles on family’s faces in Paris. Very soon, Magali and the newly recruited team of experts were able to fulfill all holiday wishes in the French capital,  with an exclusive range of hand-picked activities, selected accommodation, and dedicated private transportation.

With this unique know-how, determination and desire to make any family’s holiday both magical and hassle-free, it was time to expand. Exciting cultural and hands-on activities for the whole family were added in London, the Loire Valley and Rome. And this is only the beginning…

We know the importance of these moments for parents, and would feel privileged to earn your trust and tailor your break. The only thing you will need to take care of will be enjoying this precious time with your family.