The seeds of Family Twist were sown many years ago in Shanghai. A mom was planning to spend a few days in Paris, and was looking for cultural things to do with children there. Since she could not find anything on the web, she decided to ask Magali Déchelette, a native French, to organize the European trip for her

.Magali soon noticed that what was difficult for a Chinese mom was in fact difficult for every parent: how to interest the kids in culture and offer them the opportunity to learn differently. And what about finding the perfect family-friendly hotel or the right transportation. This all lead to one question: how can a whole family share a memorable experience together.

With this question in mind, and with her knowledge on Paris, Magali decided to set up Family Twist. First step: bringing smiles on family’s faces in Paris. Very soon, Magali and the newly recruited team of experts were able to fulfill all holiday wishes in the French capital, with an exclusive range of hand-picked activities, selected accommodation, and dedicated private transportation.

With this unique know-how, determination and desire to make any family’s holiday both magical and hassle-free, it was time to expand. Exciting cultural and hands-on activities for the whole family were added in London, the Loire Valley and Rome. And this is only the beginning…

We know the importance of these moments for parents, and would feel privileged to earn your trust and tailor your break. The only thing you will need to take care of will be enjoying this precious time with your family.