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Become a Gladiator




Do you think you really know everything about gladiators?

Gladiators are a fascinating aspect of the ancient Roman empire and have inspired countless books and movies. Going to Rome without immersing yourselves in the world of the legendary gladiators would be a pity.

Our Gladiator Training Workshop is your chance to become a heroic fighter for a couple of hours. During this highly entertaining activity for the whole family, you will discover the true world of the ancient roman gladiators and what these public combats were all about.

First, your private teacher will tell you all about the Gladiators: their lives, their condition, and of course, their equipment. You will be able to hold the swords, lets, helmets and tridents that these courageous fighters would carry into the arena.

You will then have a fun-packed training session with your private teacher. You will learn all the moves, and understand the winning techniques that would have saved your lives if you would have been a real gladiator in combat. With fake swords and light shields, you will pretend to be in the Colosseum yourself.

Finally, you will also be taught the art of archery, since this was also something that the Gladiators would do. All this is a magnificent place just outside of Rome.

This activity has been designed to entertain the whole family, regardless of the age and gender of the children! An unforgettable experience for everyone.


Key benefits:kids in gladiator armor

  • A full comprehension of the world of gladiators
  • A hands-on, fun-packed training session with a private teacher
  • An initiation to the art of archery


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 8 years
What is included:

– Private trainer for your family

– Gladiator equipment and clothes

– A privatized venue