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Make your own pizza!




Learn how to make your own pizza with the help of your own private chef and in the comfort of a very charming private cooking school in the heart of Rome.



How about becoming an Italian pizzaiolo for a couple of hours and learn the secrets of making great tasting Italian pizza?

Our Make Your Own Pizza hands-on workshop is your chance to become an expert in making and baking pizza. In the comfort of a private cooking school located in the charming Trastevere neighborhood, learn the tips, tricks and secrets to traditional Italian pizza .

To make sure you get the best instructions, you will be accompanied by a professional and expert pizza chef.

It all starts with the dough, and everyone will get their hands deliciously dirty! Learn how to master the art of tossing and turning the pizza dough to make it nice and round, and add your favorite toppings, including tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Will you try to create the perfect Margherita pizza, or will you prefer to invent a new, delicious recipe of your own?

Of course, the best comes last: eating your very own pizza. This workshop ends by enjoying the result of your had work: a delicious meal, and guess what? Your own pizza is on the menu!

Thanks to these tips and fun, family-bonding moments together, you will easily be able to impress your friends back home by making your own traditional Italian pizza!


Key Benefits:Make Your Own Pizza - tossing the dough

  • Learn the secrets to making perfect home-made Italian pizzas
  • A private pizza chef for your family only
  • A private cooking school for your family only in the heart of Rome
  • A meal where your self-made pizza is on the menu!


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 3 hours
Minimum age 6 years
What is included:

– Expert Italian Chef at your disposal

– Private cooking school

– Meal with your pizza on the menu