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Paella Time

Learn how to cook the traditional Paella with a private, family-friendly chef.
Hands on Workshop
3 hours
Private venue
Food & Cuisine

Paella is certainly the most famous Spanish dish. And what better way to enjoy a great paella than by preparing it yourself!
In the comfort of a private kitchen in the heart of Barcelona, meet your private, experienced chef and follow their instructions in order to prepare a great-tasting, traditional Spanish paella. While cooking the rice, chicken and fresh seafood, enjoy this unique, family-friendly and hands-on cooking experience.
Paella is not the only traditional dish you will prepare. This is a 3-course meal, so you will also prepare a classic Spanish starter such as gazpacho, for example, and a dessert like crema catalana, which is similar to crème brulée!
This hands-on cooking class is designed as a family-friendly experience: the children will participate and play an important role in the cooking process.
At the end of the class, everyone gets to sit at the dining table to eat the traditional seafood paella you have prepared! Simply delicious!

This tour is available in the following languages : English, Spanish

Meeting Point: At the cooking school
Finish: At the cooking school

6 years
3 Hours
A private, experienced chef who knows how to keep the children engaged
A private kitchen
Healthy and fresh ingredients, and wine for the adults
The recipe
A meal (lunch or dinner)
Transportation to and from the cooking school
Additional alcoholic drinks that are not included in the package
How to make a traditional paella
How to make a starter (such as gazpacho) and a desert (such as crema catalana)
The culinary traditions of Spain and Catalonia

Is this a private activity?

It sure is. Your family members will be the only ones in the cooking school, along with your private chef (and assistant).

Do the parents participate?

Of course! Everyone will get their hands deliciously dirty. Teamwork makes a great meal. Depending on the age of the children, parents might be the only ones allowed to use knives or get close to the stove or oven.

How big is the meal?

The quantity of food prepared and served is equivalent to a healthy portion for adults. It is a 3-course meal, so you won’t feel hungry at the end.

Is it suitable for kids under 6 years old?

Because this cooking class involves knives, fire, pots and pans, it is not recommended to bring very young children. However, as long as they stay at a safe distance from anything dangerous, they are more than welcome to join. Sheets of paper and crayons are there if they feel more like an artist than a chef.

Can you make gluten free meals / can you cope with food allergies or other intolerances?

We can adapt to any food allergy or intolerance as long as this information has been given to us prior to the day of the activity. If information is given during the cooking class, your chef will do their best to adapt to your needs and tastes.

Can you make kosher meals (or any other special meals)?

Yes we can. Here too, please give this information ahead of time so the adapted ingredients can be purchased.

Do we need to bring special material or ingredients?

No. All you need to bring is a big smile and the will to prepare a delicious meal. We will take care of the rest. Should the parents want to bring their own wine, please feel free to do so.

Do we get the recipes of what we prepared?

Of course, we will send you the recipes by email once the baking class is over (this might take a few days, especially if we have to translate the recipes).

Will my teenage kids like the activity?

Preparing a good meal is a quality that everyone should have. If they do not like cooking, this might be a great way to get them to start liking it, as it is always very useful.
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