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Florence Food Tour

Taste the delicious food that Florence has to offer on this privately-guided, family-friendly food tour.

Best for Teens
Cultural Visit
Food & Cuisine
2 hours
Private Certified Guide
Walking Tours
Price per family
5 participants max
Minimum age
6 years
2 hours
  • Select a convenient date and time for the experience.

  • Provide the basic information of who will be participating in the experience.

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  • Let us know if you’re travelling for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary and we’ll be sure to be mindful. You can also use this space to let us know if you need some additional help.


Food is one of the main reasons why Italy is so popular for visitors, and Florence has many local specialties that will make you want to eat more!

Meet your private, experienced foodie guide and let them take you on a food trip you will never forget. After a quick breakfast (with tea, coffee or orange juice and a typical pasty) at a typical cafe, follow your private guide as they take you through the stalls of Florence’s central market in search of the city’s finest culinary delicacies.

You will first get to feel the energy and ambiance of this lively market, as well as taste some of the local specialties. Head up to the second floor to sit down and taste the famous Pizza, which your children will love.

The second part of the tour takes place in a beautiful wine shop just a quick walk away from the market. There, you will be able to taste some delicious local cheese, olive oil and cured meats accompanied by a nice glass of wine for the adults. The children will have juice and will be able to gaze at the thousands of wine bottles on display in this private part of the wine cellar.

The food tour ends at one of the most famous gelato parlors in the city. Here, the ice cream is made fresh and no artificial flavor is added!



This tour is available in the following languages : English, Italian



Meeting Point: At the entrance of the central market

Finish: At the gelato parlor in the city center



  • A private, family-friendly foodie guide who knows how to keep the children engaged
  • Tastings at the market and in 2 other areas in the city center
  • A visit to the Central Market of Florence


  • Transfer to the central market and from the gelato parlor in the city center
  • Tips and other purchases such as souvenirs
  • Additional food and drinks that are not part of the food tour tastings


  • Olive oil
  • Cheeses
  • Cured meats
  • Trapizzino
  • Gelato
  • Other seasonal products


Is this a private activity?
It sure is. Your family members will be the only ones participating in this food tour. There will be other people (regular clients) in the market and in the places you will visit as they are not made private for your family.
Are the parents staying with the children or separated?
We always promote a family-bonding moment, where parents and children enjoy an activity together as a family. So, parents and children will not be separated. However, if you choose to send your children on this activity alone, it is possible, provided that a babysitter accompanies the children regardless of the age, for insurance purposes (our guides are not responsible for the children).
How much food will we be tasting?
The quantity of food tasted would be equivalent to a full (normal sized) meal for adults.
How long are we staying in the market?
The time spent at the market represents half of the whole tour. You will stay there for about one hour.
Can we choose another area for our food tour?
No, we have selected the best area to taste a wide variety of kid-friendly Italian food.
Is it suitable for kids under 6 years old?
Kids under 6 years old are welcome to join. They might not like all the food tasted, but they can at least try. Just remember that the foodie guide is not a baby sitter.
Is the food gluten free / can you cope with food allergies or other intolerances?
We can adapt to any food allergy or intolerance as long as this information has been given to us prior to the day of the activity. If information is given during the tour, your guide will do their best to adapt to your needs and tastes.
Can you make kosher food tastings (or any other special meals)?
Yes we can. Here too, please give this information ahead of time so the adapted the tour. Depending on the price of the meals in the area, extra costs may or may not be added.
What if it rains?
You will spend most of the time in the restaurants and in the market, so if it rains, the tour will be maintained.

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