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Galileo And The Stars

Explore the Galileo Museum and Santa Croce through a privately-guided tour.

Best for Teens
Cultural Visit
Monuments & Museums
2 hours
Private Certified Guide
Skip the line tickets
Price per family
5 participants max
Minimum age
6 years
2 hours
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What Galileo brought to the world of science is immense. Not only did he fight to tell the world that the Earth and planets of our solar system revolved around the Sun, but he also contributed to numerous astronomical discoveries.

Meet your private, experienced family-friendly guide in front of Santa Croce and let them show you the highlights of this church, which happens to be Galileo’s final resting place. After a quick walk, let your guide take you inside the Galileo Museum. With extensive experience on how to keep children engaged and entertained while talking about the different instruments shown in the museum, the guide will tell you and your children all about the life of the famous astronomer and explain the real functions of the instruments he (and other scientists) invented or used.

The Galileo Museum is not entirely dedicated to the Florentine scientist. The museum is home to one of the biggest collections of scientific instruments in the world. From telescopes and thermometers to huge globes and mathematical objects, you and your children will bathe in a world of impressive discoveries and inventions that have brought us to the world we live in today.

A game booklet will be handed out to each child to keep them engaged and entertained throughout this 2 hour tour.




This tour is available in the following languages : English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian



Meeting Point: At the entrance of Santa Croce church

Finish: At the exit of the Galileo Museum



  • A private, special guide who knows how to keep the children engaged and entertained
  • Skip-the-line tickets to the Galileo Museum
  • Skip-the-line tickets to Santa Croce Church


  • Transfer to and from the Galileo Museum
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Tips and purchases such as souvenirs


  • The highlights of the Galileo Museum
  • The scientific instruments used by Galileo and other famous scientists
  • Santa Croce Church and the tomb of Galileo


Is this tour private?
Yes, it is. No one else will be joining your private tour, and you will have your own private guide throughout the visit. However, there will be other people visiting the Galileo Museum at the same time.
When is the best time to visit the Galileo Museum?
There will be a lot more people inside the Galileo Museum in the busy summer months than during low season. But the Galileo Museum is not a stop that is listed in the to-do list of most groups. Therefore, even in the summer months, a visit to the Galileo Museum is still enjoyable.
Are the parents staying with the children or separated?
We always promote a family-bonding moment, where parents and children enjoy an activity together as a family. So, parents and children will not be separated. However, if you choose to send your children on this activity alone, it is possible, provided that a babysitter accompanies the children regardless of the age, for insurance purposes (our guides are not responsible for the children).
Is it suitable for kids under 6 years old?
You can bring in younger kids, as our guide is used to working with schools.
Will we have to wait in line?
We provide skip-the-line tickets, but on very busy days, there might be a line for security checks which cannot be avoided. The wait should not last long though.
Once the tour is finished, can we stay inside the Galileo Museum?
Of course, you are free to stay inside the museum if you wish to continue exploring it once the tour is finished. If you exit the building however, you won’t be able to get back inside.
Can I bring a stroller or a wheelchair?
Yes, the Galileo Museum is accessible to people with reduced mobility and to strollers.
Will my teenage kids like the tour?
Sure they will. Our professional guide will adapt their speech to keep your teenagers engaged and entertained throughout the tour.

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