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A Walk Through Lisbon

Discover the charming area of Chiado on a privately-guided walking tour.
Cultural Visit
2 hours
Private Certified Guide
Game Booklet included

Meet your private, fully-licensed guide at the bottom of the Glória Funicular and take a short ride to reach the top of the hill from where you will have a beautiful overview of the city of Lisbon.
From here, follow your guide downhill on a discovery of Chiado, one of the most charming and vibrant districts of Lisbon. The first stop is the Sao Roque Church, which is one of the most beautiful churches in Lisbon.
As you head down towards the busy streets of Garret and Carmo, you will also see remains of the ancient city walls, the beautiful exterior of the Sao Carlos Theater (greatly inspired by La Scala Theater of Milan) and the roofless Carmo Convent. Other curiosities include old shops on Rua Garret such as Ourivesaria Alianca (jewelry) and Bertrand, the oldest operating bookstore in the world.
Once you have reached the large Don Pedro IV square, you won’t be far away from the Sao Domingo Church, another church that suffered the deadly 1755 earthquake. This last stop marks the end of the tour.
To keep the children engaged, they will each get a fun-filled game booklet.

This tour is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Meeting Point: Glória Funicular
Finish: Sao Domingo Church

6 years
2 Hours
A private, fully-licensed guide who knows how to keep the children engaged
Entrance to Sao Roque Church, Carmo Convent and Sao Domingo Church
Tickets to the Glória Funicular
A game booklet and gift for each child
Transfer to Glória Funicular and from Sao Domingo Church
Tips and purchases such as souvenirs
Drinks and snacks
The Glória Funicular
The view from the Sao Pedro de Alcantara viewpoint
The interiors of Sao Roque church, Carmo Convent and Sao Domingo
The busy streets of Garret and Carmo

Is this tour private?

Yes, it is. No one else will be joining your private tour, and you will have your own private guide throughout the visit.

Is there a lot of walking during the tour?

Because our tours are designed for families with children, we make sure the distances are not too long. There are bakeries and ice-cream stores along the way, so you’ll be able to treat your children to something sweet during the tour if you want. That will keep them going!

Are the parents staying with the children or separated?

We always promote a family-bonding moment, where parents and children enjoy an activity together as a family. So, parents and children will not be separated. However, if you choose to send your children on this activity alone, it is possible, provided that a baby sitter accompanies the children regardless of the age, for insurance purposes (our guides are not responsible for the children).

Is it suitable for kids under 6 years old?

We recommend this walking tour for kids aged 6 or older, because they must know how to read and write in order to enjoy the fun-filled game booklet. Younger kids can join, and they will enjoy it, but they won’t be able to play the game, unless a parent or older sibling helps.

Are we going inside the highlights mentioned?

Not all the monuments listed above are seen from the inside but most of them are. The 3 highlights: Sao Roque church, Carmo Convent and Sao Domingo church are visited from the inside.

Can I bring a stroller or a wheelchair?

Yes, it is possible to bring a stroller or wheelchair, but keep in mind that Lisbon is a hilly city. The first part of the tour will take you up a hill, and then from that point on, it is downhill until the large Don Pedro IV square.

What happens if it rains?

The tour will take place, even if it rains. Just make sure you bring an umbrella or a rain jacket. The fun part is that you will see that the rain actually falls in Carmo Convent, which is quite surprising for an old convent…

Will my teenage kids like the tour?

Sure they will. They might not want to have the game booklet, but since it is a private tour, our professional guide will adapt their speech to keep your teenagers engaged and entertained throughout the tour.
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