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Naples Pizza Making Class




Discover the culinary heritage of Naples and learn how to make your own traditional Neapolitan pizza during this private, family-friendly hands-on cooking class.



“I’d rather have a bad pizza from Naples than a good pizza from Milan”. The people of Naples love their pizza and have the reputation of making the best pizza in Italy.
Meet your private, experienced chef (pizzaiolo) and let him/her teach you how to become an expert in making great tasting Neapolitan pizza.
In the comfort of a private cooking school located in the heart of Naples, listen to your chef while he/she gives you the tips, tricks and secrets to making traditional Neapolitan pizza.
From kneading the dough to working on the toppings, everyone will get their hands deliciously dirty! You’ll even learn how to toss and turn the pizza dough to make it nice and round.
But Naples also has other culinary specialties that will enchant all the members of your family. You will also be working on a “pizza Montanara”, which is a local specialty. For desert, you will make your own traditional small yeast cake called baba (the parents will get the classic rum baba, but the children will get a sugar coating) orGraffette with Nutella.
This family-bonding activity ends with a great tasting meal, and your pizzas are on the menu!


Key Benefits:

  • The secrets and tricks to make the best tasting Neapolitan pizza
  • Pizza Montanara
  • Baba or Graffete


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 6 years
What is included:

– A private, experienced chef
– A private kitchen
– All the necessary ingredients
– A meal at the end of the class