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Scavenger Hunt In Ostia Antica


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Discover one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of Italy, Ostia Antica, and walk through the Roman ruins with a highly engaging scavenger hunt for the children.



Ostia Antica is one of the largest and most famous archaeological sites in Italy, often compared to Pompeii for its beauty, size and historical interest. Yet it is not (yet) overrun by tourists, making it a wonderful opportunity to quietly relive the glorious past of Ancient Rome.

Our Scavenger Hunt In Ostia Antica starts where the entrance of the city once was. After meeting up with our professional and highly engaging guide, follow him/her (and the clues in the game booklets for the children) as he / she takes you through the magnificent and well preserved ruins of what was once the port of Rome.

During 2 hours, from houses to temples, from public baths to theaters, from public toilets to ancient bars and restaurants, you will understand and relive the live of the Ancient Romans. It is always very surprising to see that even though 2000 years separate us from the inhabitants of Ostia Antica, some traditions and ways of life have not changed!

To make it highly engaging and entertaining for the children, we have set up a scavenger hunt. Each child will be given a game booklet, and by solving all the clues, they will be able to find the treasure. Needless to say that the successful treasure hunters will each get a surprise at the end!

Our Scavenger Hunt In Ostia Antica is the best way to visit this archaeological highlight in the outskirts of Rome.


Key Benefits:Scavenger hunt in Ostia Antica - ruins S

  • A private visit of Ostia Antica
  • A fully licensed private guide who knows how to keep the children engaged and entertained
  • A scavenger hunt for the children
  • A game booklet and gift for each child


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 6 years
Transfer supplement €370
What is included:

– Priority access to Ostia Antica archaeological site

– Private fully licensed guide

– A fun-filled game booklet and scavenger hunt