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Of Grapes And Wine


vineyards of the loire valley of grapes and wine



Feast your eyes, ears, hands and taste buds while enjoying a private kid-friendly visit of a unique Loire Valley wine cellar and winery dug directly inside a cliff…



Have you ever wanted to show your children how wine is made, from the beautiful outdoor vineyards to the old wooden fermentation barrels?

Or Grapes And Wine is an extraordinary journey into an iconic element of French culture and lifestyle: wine.

Let your whole family enjoy these 2 hours in a beautiful and unique, fully privatized winery.  You will learn how the grapes are grown, cut and fermented to make such delicious white wine. Just listen to your wine expert as he/she explain every process in a lively and highly entertaining way.

The private tour first starts with the visit of the vineyards. You and your family will then make your way into this unique wine cellar dug directly inside a cliff (troglodyte cave). While you taste some of the excellent white and red wines the region produces, your children will have a more sensory approach: touching the earth where the grapes are grown, listening to the fermentation barrels and seeing the fossils dating back from millions of years ago.

For younger children, grape or apple juice is available, but everyone will be able to enjoy the snacks made from local delicatessen such as goat cheese and cured meats.

At the end of the tour, each adult will be offered a bottle of their choice to recreate the magic of this wine tasting experience back home.


Key Benefits:

  • A private visit of a vineyarda bunch of grapes for wine
  • Wine tasting for adults
  • A sensory approach for children
  • A snack with local delicatessen
  • A bottle of wine for each adult to take back home


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2 hours
Minimum age 6 years
What is included:

– Private visit of a unique winery

– An experienced sommelier

– A bottle of white wine to bring back