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Painting Venice


Painting Venice - painting outdoors



Immortalize your stay in Venice, not by taking a picture, but by painting Venice, with its canals, bridges, gondolas and everything that characterizes its beauty.



Venice has inspired many artists in history, and some of the world’s most famous painters came from Venice. So how about stepping in the shoes of fine arts masters such as Titian, Tintoretto or Veronese and experience a painting workshop like no other?

This outdoor painting experience takes place in a quiet and charming area of Venice.  Right after meeting your private art teacher, she will start this experience by showing you how Venice has been depicted throughout the centuries. As you’ll be able to see, not many things have changed: the bridges, the canals and the gondolas are still here today!

After this introduction of 20 minutes, it will be your time to paint your own views of Venice, using different techniques. During 2 hours, let your creativity flow and paint Venice the way you want it, or the way you see it. Our art teacher will be able to guide you and give you tips, ideas or techniques to best create your Venetian masterpiece. Needless to say that this work of art will surely become one of the best personal souvenirs you will take back home!

Our Painting Venice hands-on workshop is the best way to take in all the elements that make Venice so extraordinary and be able to reproduce them with simple painting techniques. A fun-filled, family-bonding experience each member of your family will cherish forever!


Key benefits:Painting Venice - Canaletto

  • A private hands-on painting workshop with a certified art teacher
  • An introduction to the masters that have painted Venice throughout the centuries.
  • You get to keep your canvas!


Price per family (6 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2,5 hours
Minimum age 5 years
What is included:

– A brief introduction on how Venice was painted throughout the centuries

– A 2 hour outdoor painting workshop

– All material and accessories