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Row Like A Gondolier

Learn how to row like a real Venetian gondolier with a private instructor.
Hands on Workshop
2.5 hours
Fun Transportation
Local Customs & Traditions

Have you ever wondered how the Venetian gondoliers manage to row and steer their gondolas in the small canals of the city, just by paddling on one side? Here is your chance to experience something unique and highly entertaining.
After a quick safety briefing by your private instructor, board the special learner’s gondola.This type of gondola is a lot more stable than the black Venetian gondolas, so no one gets to fall in the water!
First thing is first: getting familiar with the rowing technique, and although it seems quite easy, you’ll see that it is quite a challenge. And once you have gotten the hang of it, it is time to learn how to steer the gondola!
The training takes place in a small port, and when everyone is ready, you and your family will take a trip down the smaller canals of Venice, just like any real gondolier.
On the way, you will visit a very secret gondola museum and squero (gondola reparation atelier) and enjoy a few snacks and refreshments.

This activity is available in the following languages : English, Italian, Spanish, French, German

Meeting Point: At the leisure port of Venice
Finish: At the leisure port of Venice

6 years
2 Hrs, 30 Min
A private, experienced gondola instructor
A private learner’s gondola
A private visit of a squero and gondola museum
Snacks and refreshments
Transfer to and from the leisure port of Venice
Tips and extra purchases such as souvenirs
How to row and steer a gondola
The history of the gondola
The parts of the gondola and how it’s made

Is this a private activity?

It sure is. Your family members will be the only ones learning how to row a gondola, along with your private instructor.

How many people can go on the gondola?

5 people maximum (6 with the instructor). If you have a larger party, then 2 gondolas will be necessary.

Is it suitable for kids under 6 years old?

It is quite difficult (and heavy) to row a gondola, and for safety reasons, children below 6 are not authorized to participate in this activity.

How long does the stop at the museum / squero last?

The stop lasts about 30 minutes. That is the time you will need to look at the place, learn more about the gondola (history, the making etc.) and enjoy the snacks and refreshments.

Is it difficult to learn how to row like a gondolier?

It is not that difficult, but it is not that easy either. You’ll have to prove you have great coordination, strength and logic. But don’t worry, our instructor is there to help!

Will my teenage kids like the activity?

Yes, without a doubt. Everyone in the family always loves this activity… and the snacks and refreshments that go with it!
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