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Row Like A Gondolier


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Learn how to row and steer a gondola in the canals of Venice just like real Venetian gondoliers through a fun-filled hands-on activity, including a stop for snacks and refreshments.



Have you ever wondered how the gondoliers of Venice manage to row and steer their gondolas in the small canals of the city, just by paddling on one side?

Here is your chance to experience something unique and highly entertaining. You’ll know everything about being a gondolier once you have mastered the art of rowing. It’s all in the movement of the wrist, or so they say…

After a quick security briefing, you and your family will board the gondola. This type of gondola is a bit special, and a lot more stable than the black Venetian gondolas. No one will fall into the water!

First thing is first: you need to get familiar with the rowing technique, and although it seems quite easy, you’ll see that it’s quite a challenge. But once you have gotten the hang of it, then it is time to steer the gondola!

The training takes place in a small port, and when everyone is ready,  take a trip down the smaller canals of Venice, just like any real gondolier. On the way, you will visit a very secret gondola museum and squero (gondola reparation atelier) and enjoy a few snacks and refreshments.

For outdoor fun and adventure, there is nothing better than our Row Like A Gondolier hands-on experience!


Key benefits:row like a gondolier - squero

  • A private rowing course with a certified instructor
  • A visit to a secret off-the-beaten-track gondola museum and gondola workshop (squero)
  • Snacks and refreshments provided


Price per family (5 people max)


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Duration of the activity 2,5 hours
Minimum age 6 years
Restrictions max. participants is 5
What is included:

– Private rowing and steering lesson

– A visit to the gondola museum and workshop

– Snacks and refreshments