Westminster And Buckingham Palace

Discover Westminster Abbey and walk to Buckingham Palace on this privately-guided, family-friendly tour.

Best for Teens
Cultural Visit
Monuments & Museums
2.5 hours
Private Certified Guide
Price per family
5 participants max
Minimum age
5 years
2 hours 30 minutes
  • Select a convenient date and time for the experience.

  • Provide the basic information of who will be participating in the experience.

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  • Let us know if you’re travelling for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary and we’ll be sure to be mindful. You can also use this space to let us know if you need some additional help.


Meet your private, fully-licensed Blue Badge guide at 10AM in front of the Queen’s Gallery, and let them tell you all about England’s Royal Family.

Although this is a private tour, starting at the right time is of the essence. The first stop of the tour will be Buckingham Palace, where you will see the world famous changing of the guards (only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays). Your guide will tell you all about the Royal Family and the history of the Windsors.

If you have enough time and if you are fast walkers, you might even be able to catch the changing of the Royal Mounted Guards

After a delightful walk through St. James’s Park, you will be able to take a peek at the famous Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives).

The tour ends inside one of the most iconic monuments of London: Westminster Abbey. Not only will your guide mention the wedding of Duchess Kate and Prince William (along with so many other past Kings and Queens of England), but you will also learn about the many historial figures who are buried in this magnificent abbey.

Each child will get a game booklet to keep them engaged throughout the tour. The Kings and Queens of England will hold no more secrets for you and your family at the end of this family-friendly tour.


WARNING: The abbey can close without prior notice if needed by the state.



This tour is available in the following languages : English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese


Meeting Point: in front of the Queen’s Gallery

Finish: in front of Westminster Abbey




– “Our Family Twist guide was incredible. My husband and I travelled to London with 2 ten year old granddaughters. We spent 3 mornings with our guide. We did the Tower of London tour, the Westminster to Buckingham tour, and the Kensington Palace tour. They were all fantastic. The guide kept the girls engaged and taught them more than I would have thought possible. The girls adored her. So did we. The workbooks that the children receive make the experience even more meaningful for them. To see 2 ten year olds discussing the Stuart Kings at dinner is priceless.” – Sarah



  • A private, Blue Badge guide who knows how to keep the children engaged
  • Priority tickets to Westminster Abbey
  • Part of the ceremony of the changing of the Queen’s Horseguards and Life Guards (when possible)


  • Entrance to Buckingham Palace
  • Transfer to Westminster Abbey and from Buckingham Palace
  • Tips and purchases such as souvenirs


  • Westminster Abbey (inside)
  • Downing Street
  • The beginning of the changing of the Queen’s Royal Horseguards
  • St James’s Park
  • Buckingham Palace (outside)
  • The end of the changing of the Queen’s Royal Lifeguards


Is this tour private?
Yes, it is. No one else will be joining your private tour, and you will have your own private guide throughout the visit. However, other people will be visiting Westminster Abbey and will be looking at the changing of the different guards.
Is there a lot of walking during the tour?
Because our tours are designed for families with children, we make sure the distances are not too long. In St James’s Park, the kids will be able to run around and have fun. And why not even bring some lettuce to feed the swans?
Will we wait in line?
On busy days, you might have to wait a little before going inside Westminster Abbey, but surely you will be avoiding the huge lines at the North Gate. Your Blue Badge guide will take you to the Dean's Yard entrance, away from the hustle and bustle.
Will we see the whole ceremony of the changing of the guards?
For the changing of the Queen’s Life guards, it can get very crowded in front of Buckingham Palace. Because of time constraints, you might not be able to see the whole ceremony, but at least you will see the most interesting part.
Are the parents staying with the children or separated?
We always promote a family-bonding moment, where parents and children enjoy an activity together as a family. So, parents and children will not be separated. However, if you choose to send your children on this activity alone, it is possible, provided that a babysitter accompanies the children regardless of the age, for insurance purposes (our guides are not responsible for the children).
Is it suitable for kids under 6 years old?
We recommend this tour for kids aged 6 or older, because they must know how to read and write in order to enjoy the fun-filled game booklet. Younger kids can join, and they will enjoy it, as all of our guides are encouraged to work with the children and parents to solve the answers together. That way no one will need to feel left out.
Are we going inside the highlights mentioned?
The duration of the tour means there is only time to visit the inside of one attraction, being Westminster Abbey, but the guide will be able to show you the outside of a great many more, including Buckingham Palace.
Can I bring a stroller or a wheelchair?
Yes, it is possible to bring a stroller or wheelchair.
What happens if it rains?
The tour will take place, even if it rains. Just make sure you bring an umbrella or rain jacket.
Will my teenage kids like the tour?
Sure they will. They might not want to have the game booklet, but since it is a private tour, our professional guide will adapt their speech to keep your teenagers engaged and entertained throughout the tour.

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