12 Best Chocolate Stores in Paris

9 November 2016 Luxury, Tips & Tricks 0 Comments

  In Paris, you will find some of the best chocolate stores in the world. But one question remains: what are the best chocolate stores in Paris? What was once considered a gift of the God of Wisdom in the ancient Aztec civilization and unknown to European citizens until the 16th century, is now something […]

Top 12 Best Macaroons In Paris With Kids

17 October 2016 Activities & Destinations 0 Comments

  If you are traveling to Paris with kids, there is something you must do: eat a real, crispy yet creamy macaroon. Macaroons (or macarons in French) are, without a doubt, one of the most delicious sweet treats in the French culinary world. These small, colorful round shaped pastries are perfect for children. Needless to […]

12 Tips For A Hassle-Free Holiday With Kids

28 September 2016 Tips & Tricks 0 Comments

  Going on a holiday with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare! A lot of parents still think that having the kids in tow while exploring the riches of Paris, London or Rome is just too much of a burden. They are wrong! With a bit of common sense, preparation and by following certain […]