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  • How Not to Visit the Louvre with Kids Ask any Parisian parent why they never go visit the Louvre Museum with their children and they will all give you the same three... Read more
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  • The 7 Best Kid-Friendly Afternoon Teas in London There is nothing more British than the afternoon tea. Anyone who spends a family vacation in London should experience an afternoon tea at least... Read more
  • The 10 Best Kid-Friendly Swimming Pools In London As much as we love to promote the cultural side of London, when traveling to London with kids, it’s also very important to take... Read more
  • 10 Family-Friendly West End Shows To Take Your Kids To London’s famed West End is a bucket list must-do. With exciting musicals and plays that span every genre, there is something for everyone. However,... Read more
  • Top 12 Kid-Friendly Fun Facts About London While some of us might already know that Big Ben isn’t actually called ‘Big Ben’ (Big Ben is actually the name of the bell... Read more
  • Top 10 Kid-Friendly Fun Facts About Paris We all know about the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, but what about some of the more bizarre and random facts about Paris? We... Read more
  • Top 10 Kid-Friendly Fun Facts About Edinburgh & Dublin Want to learn about the cutest (and possibly the fluffiest) knight in the world? The Scottish and the Irish are notorious for their crazy... Read more
  • Top 9 Kid-Friendly Fun Facts About Vienna Half of these are about food because, well, it’s close to lunchtime in Paris as we write this. Vienna is one of Europe’s cultural... Read more
  • Top 10 Fun Facts About Naples & the Amalfi Coast Warning: lots of food-related facts ahead. Proceed with caution if reading this on an empty stomach. Naples and the Amalfi Coast are some of... Read more
  • Top 8 Kid-Friendly Fun Facts About Barcelona Barcelona is a city best-known for its architecture (hi, Gaudi!), but did you know that its beaches are fake and that it has a... Read more
  • Top 9 Kid-Friendly Fun Facts About Lisbon Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Lisbon is the devastating earthquake of 1755 and the famed explorers of Portugal.... Read more

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