Family-Friendly Activities

We have spent hours across our destinations looking for ideas to design the best family-friendly activities, and testing them with English-speaking families to make sure that all is perfect. This leads to an exclusive range of fun-packed cultural and hands-on activities in English, turning your family vacation into an unforgettable and magical bonding experience.


In Paris

Cuisine, Fashion, History and Art are all ready and waiting!

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In the Loire Valley

Find out all about the chateaux and the magical River Loire.

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In London

Discover new and exciting cultural activities to turn London into a playground.

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rome-coliseum-and-ancient-rome-tour-family-twist-(small)In Rome

Dive in the heart of the cultural treasures of Rome with our fun-packed and exciting activities.

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mother and child in Florence

In Florence

Turn the capital of Tuscany into a playground for your children, and have them learn as much as they have fun.

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